Progressive Attacks on Ron DeSantis Reach a New Low

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

When you are drawing fire, you are probably over the target, and Ron DeSantis continues to draw fire.

The Florida governor has taken a more heads-down approach to governance since resetting the political landscape with a 19-point re-election win in November, but his slight retraction from the spotlight hasn’t cooled the red-hot hatred that his critics feel toward him. Unfortunately, that hatred is manifesting in worse and worse ways.


The latest example comes via Lesley Abravanel, a Florida media figure, who has made it her mission to destroy DeSantis. Apparently, that means spinning wild conspiracy theories about the governor’s deceased sister.

I can only imagine Lesley sitting amongst a throng of cats, sipping boxed wine, and coming up with this nonsense believing she’s on the cusp of cracking the case. Is the suggestion here that DeSantis killed his sister? Or is she suggesting that his sister committed suicide and that the family is covering it up? Assuming DeSantis isn’t a serial killer, what exactly is “shady” about the family wanting privacy on the death of a loved one?

Besides, who could blame the DeSantis family for keeping things quiet and personal when you’ve got people like Abravanel looking to make hay on even the smallest details about their lives? Her obsession with Casey DeSantis, who recently recovered from cancer, has also been creepy at best. Perhaps Abravanel has a bit of a jealous streak?


Of note is that someone actually replied to her thread, debunking her silly insinuations.

Expectedly, Abravanel didn’t delete her post. This also wasn’t her first brush with disinformation. Prior to the 2022 election, after Hurricane Ian slammed into the southwest coast of Florida, Abravanel made the deranged claim that 4,000 people in one area were missing.

The islands in question only have a population of 8,300 people, and Abravanel ran to Twitter to claim that half of them had committed suicide and/or gone missing. Amazingly, only she had that information, which was later revealed to have been idle gossip she likely made up.

Imagine how vapid one must be to believe that half of an entire area could go missing and not a single news outlet would report on it. Did she not think there would be thousands of family members desperately searching? That something of that magnitude could just be kept under wraps? But hey, perhaps she’s really just that mentally deficient.


Still, going after DeSantis’ deceased sister? That’s just about as low as it gets. With that said, I have no doubt the press will find a way to sink further into the muck over the next few years.


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