Democrats Learn Zero Lessons After Kyrsten Sinema Leaves the Party

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

On Friday, one of the most shocking moves by a politician in recent memory happened with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema leaving the Democratic Party.

The Arizona senator made her announcement with a video and an op-ed explaining her decision to become a registered independent. Adding more intrigue to the situation is the fact that she isn’t committing to caucus with the Democrats, something that could affect committee power-sharing agreements in the next term.


Admittedly, I never thought Sinema would go that far. She’s a liberal from a state that is apparently fine with electing Democrats and becoming an independent means she loses the support of the party structure (including funding). It also means she might end up with a deficit of voters in 2024 if both parties put up their own candidates, making it a three-way race.

Regardless, the merits of Sinema’s decision will be argued for a while yet. What’s not in question, though, is that Democrats have learned zero lessons from the ordeal. Instead of realizing they drove Sinema out of the party with their far-left hysterics, they are simply doubling down. You’re shocked to learn that, I know.


In the first clip, we see Danielle Moodie, who hosts a podcast called “WokeAF,” suggesting that Sinema is “problematic” and a threat to “democracy.” I mean, what an original complaint, right? Everything the left doesn’t like is a threat to “democracy.” They’ve taken a word that used to actually mean something and have boiled it down into abject nothingness. Sinema is nice to Ted Cruz? Well, that’s a threat to democracy!

Then in the second clip, we see the always astute ladies of “The View” suggesting Sinema is enabling nazis and white supremacists because why not? Like the term “democracy,” those descriptors mean absolutely nothing these days, having been affixed to even the most mundane Republicans.

To that, I say, great job guys. Keep it up. Trashing Sinema has taken you this far so you might as well go all the way and force her fully into the Republican Party.

It’s just incredible to witness this kind of self-destructive behavior, only rivaled by the self-destructive behavior we see from the right. Sinema would still be a Democrat right now had leftwing lunatics like the ones above not spent the last several years following her into bathrooms and demeaning her for not wanting to spend fifty bazillion dollars on Joe Biden’s agenda. There’s something psychotic about people who are content to keep running into a brick wall knowing the wall isn’t getting any softer.


I guess that’s the arrogance of politics. Everyone believes they are right, and even when the red lights are flashing, few are willing to do anything that could be considered strategic. The right call here would have been to shut up about Sinema and understand that not every member of one’s party is going to toe the line in every instance. But hey, who am I to tell Democrats to stop imploding?


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