'The View' Hosts Lose Their Ever-Loving Minds Discussing Ron DeSantis and Kari Lake

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You can always tell who Democrats fear the most based on how they respond. That’s been true for Donald Trump since the moment he won the presidential primary in 2016. Networks like MSNBC went from fluffing the former president to proclaiming him a threat to democracy the moment he represented a threat to their power base.


That same dynamic is at play with Ron DeSantis. The fact that he’s been so effective in Florida means he must be destroyed. It also means that anyone of a leftward persuasion must lose their every-loving mind when discussing the governor.

And nowhere is the freak-out more likely to occur than among the hysterical ladies of “The View.” Sure enough, that happened this week as reported by Newsbusters.

SUNNY HOSTIN: People think that DeSantis is quite clever and that part of his cleverness that he got the undocumented people on planes and flew them to Martha’s Vineyard, like that is allegedly like a funny thing, I just found it to be mean. So, I think it really depends on what your type of humor is.

JOY BEHAR: He’s very mean.

HAINES: I’ve never heard he was clever. I heard he doesn’t have charisma when he speaks, which is the opposite.

HOSTIN: Oh, I’ve heard he’s very, very clever. And I think –

NAVARRO: Who told you he was clever?

HAINES: Yeah, who told you he was clever?

NAVARRO: It’s on the notes that he’s clever?

HOSTIN: It’s been written about that he’s very clever and that he’s very smart.

I love the absolute cope going on there from the hosts suggesting that DeSantis isn’t actually clever or smart. That’s such a ludicrous suggestion that you can only laugh at it. DeSantis took a purple state and won it by 20 points in the last election. As governor, he’s won victory after victory on major cultural issues, outmaneuvering his opponents at every turn.


In fact, he’s such an effective leader that he even managed to have his state help decide the House of Representatives for Republicans by browbeating his own party into accepting his congressional map. Had he not been successful, Nancy Pelosi would still be the Speaker of the House.

The ladies go on to say that DeSantis is socially awkward and can’t “kiss babies.”

“Kissing babies?! I don’t trust anyone who can’t kiss a baby!” co-host Sara Haines hysterically shrieked.

Contorting her face, racist co-host Sunny Hostin proclaimed DeSantis “looked like the Devil” when he sent illegal immigrants to her liberal stronghold of Martha’s Vineyard.

Calling DeSantis the “devil” is a new one, but I suppose it’s all downhill from here as his national profile grows. Every single time Joy Behar or Sonny Hostin rail against someone, they only make the person they are attacking stronger. Their shrill insults aren’t taken seriously by anyone who actually matters.

They didn’t stop with DeSantis this time, though. They also hit Kari Lake.

Navarro – who isn’t winning any beauty pageants – lashed out at Lake for her looks and supposedly wearing too much makeup. “The question is going to be: Who’s going to wear more makeup, Kari Lake or Donald Trump?” she asked, as the liberal audience laughed. “And who’s going to have the better filter.”

Look, I don’t like to comment on someone’s looks. Especially in politics, it’s just not all that relevant. But when Ana Navarro, who is far from a pristine example of human beauty, starts trying to make fun of a person’s face, she opens herself up to rebuttal, and the rebuttal is just to go look at a picture of her.


All of these outbursts show how hypocritical these people are. If someone were to suggest that Whoopi Goldberg is morbidly obese (she is), for example, the media would go nuts. But when it comes to Republicans, anything goes.

Regardless, I’ll return to my initial assertion, which is that the more these leftwing hacks lash out, the more you can be certain they fear their targets. DeSantis is at the top of their list because they believe he can win in 2024, and more importantly, they believe he’s competent enough to get things done. Lake also scares them because they recognize she has real political talent, and while it may be on hold right now, she’s going to be back.


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