Gullible Voters Play the Sucker After Court Nukes Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Program

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness scam suffered another blow on Monday after a federal appeals court put an indefinite injunction in place blocking the scheme. That came on the heels of a federal judge in Texas doing much the same, putting Biden’s big promise on ice.


Six GOP-led states won the major battle taking place in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

That result is not surprising given how precarious the legal justification for Biden’s move was. He was attempting to use a 20-year-old law passed after 9/11 meant to benefit service members in times of national emergency. The thought was that debt could be forgiven in order to allow a better response to national security issues.

The White House attempted to use that provision to wholesale cancel student debt for millions of people under the completely arbitrary and unsupported guise of COVID-19 still being a national emergency. The mental gymnastics it took to get there are something and had they been allowed to withstand scrutiny, it would have set a precedent that essentially anything goes no matter the original intent of a law. No doubt, the Biden administration will appeal, but I’m confident the Supreme Court will eventually take this up and put an end to it


That’s not the real story here, though. The real story is how many millions of voters went to the polls during the last election and voted for Democrats thinking they were getting a massive handout from the government. Think about the level of corruption that transpired. Biden gave an illegal order, knowing it was illegal based on past comments, to essentially buy the election. Then, days after the election, that illegal order gets struck down and the White House just stops accepting applications, signaling a surrender on the issue. By that time, though, all the votes had already been cast and it was too late to change anything. The damage was done.

What’s to stop Democrats from making that play every election now? The answer is absolutely nothing, not unless some real sanctions are put in place by the courts. What those would be, I don’t know because I’m not a lawyer, but I do know that if this turns into another “no harm, no foul” situation, it will just keep happening. The big hope is that voters get the message, realize they are being scammed, and stop taking the bait. I wouldn’t count on it though.


Regardless, this student loan fiasco never should have received support in the first place, and I can’t blame the decisions made by voters purely on Biden. It was obvious from the jump how completely immoral it was to make a huge majority of the country pay off the debts of a small minority. Never mind that the small minority in question was largely better off than the working class being asked to foot the bill. Voters that rushed to reward the Democrats for something like that deserve the governance they get.


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