The Gloves Come off as Democrats Realize Joe Biden Cannot Be the 2024 Nominee

Things are bad in Democrat land. Just a week prior to the election (as of this writing), all the polls are shifting hard against them. On Wednesday morning, two stubborn holdouts, CNN and NPR, both dropped their final surveys showing the GOP up three points. The bell is tolling, and those on the left know it, even if they are loathed to admit it.


So what’s Joe Biden up to? Well, he went to Florida on Tuesday and gave perhaps his most dementia-ridden speech yet, though, it’s got some serious competition. He had so many “moments” that it’s actually difficult for me to recap them, but I’ll do my best.

Biden forgot what FEMA stands for, falsely claimed his son died in Iraq, called Hurricane Ian “Ivan,” claimed he spoke to the man who invented insulin (both died before he was born), admitted prices are going up, lied about reducing the deficit, hilariously tried to talk in “Southern,” and delivered a falsehood about inflation vs. other countries.

And that’s just what he said. His general demeanor leaned towards senility as per usual, and it’s disturbing that it’s treated as normal at this point. Then there was the sore on his hand that appears to be from an IV that was noticed.

If the picture isn’t clear yet, you probably need to go to the eye doctor. There is no possible way that Democrats can allow Biden to be the nominee in 2024, and I think they are finally starting to realize that.


To correct Maggie Haberman, as I illustrated above, Biden made far more than two “verbal fumbles” in that speech, but I digress. The content of the articles is really the point so much as the general tenor, so you can avoid clicking on two of the nation’s most liberal papers. And that’s the point. These are two of the nation’s most liberal news outlets (and by far the two most influential) running articles a week before a mid-term election suggesting that Joe Biden is not fit for the office he holds.

That’s not a coincidence in regard to timing. Democrats are seeing the writing on the wall, and they are starting to panic when it comes to 2024. They can not allow Biden to be the nominee, but he’s such a stubborn old man backed by an overly ambitious wife who does not want to give up the White House that it’s complicating matters.

How do they push him out? And how do they do so while not making Kamala Harris, an equally terrible option in 2024, the de-facto nominee? Further, if they do succeed in pushing Biden out, it has to be soon or they leave too little time on the clock to rebound prior to the presidential cycle. That’s the corner Democrats have painted themselves in, and I don’t envy them.


Biden is not going to walk away willingly. He spent his entire life grifting in government, positioning himself to be president. He failed multiple times before finally hitting the mark in a year where Democrats were desperate to run an establishmentarian. Now, they are stuck with him, and what you are going to see following this year’s election is a gradual intensification of throwing Biden under the bus. The gloves have come off, the knives are being sharpened, and Democrats and their press allies know what they must do. It’s going to get ugly.


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