Trump Engages in Friendly Fire, Goes After Ron DeSantis at Rally

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

I guess it was just a matter of time, but doing it three days before the mid-terms seems less than ideal.

Donald Trump held a rally in Pennslyvania tonight, but as usual, the candidates running for office were an afterthought. Instead, the former president spent the majority of the time talking about himself. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s a Trump rally after all, and to be sure, they can be very entertaining.


Unfortunately, instead of some of the good things he said making news, there’s currently just one clip going gangbusters on Saturday night. That would be this one where Trump engaged in friendly fire by taking a very public shot at Ron DeSantis.

Personally, I’d like to at least get into mid-2023 before this stuff starts, and I don’t understand the play here aside from Trump being fearful DeSantis is going to grow his following with a blowout re-election. I mean, come on. Quoting a national primary poll? Trump has famously dismissed polls for years, and primaries are not a national vote. Momentum is everything, and the eventual nominee is decided based on targeted performances in specific states. Is Trump the favorite as of now? Sure, but that doesn’t mean much in November of 2022.

I’m not trying to make those who prefer Trump in 2024 mad. I’ve said many times I’d vote for him, and I’ve spent more articles than I can count on this site defending him from the often ridiculous predations of the mainstream media. I believe people can support Trump for the 2024 nomination based on the fact that they actually believe Trump is the best man for the job. There is no need to try to tear down DeSantis in the process, especially not before he’s even declared a run for the presidency.


Further, going after DeSantis in this manner, even as a “joke,” makes Trump look weak and insecure. Notice that the crowd barely reacted. I think that’s because even most Trump supporters aren’t down with attacking DeSantis, at least not right now. The guy has been too effective and has chalked up too many wins.

I know it ruffles feathers among some when I critique Trump, but this wasn’t a good look. The time to start running for president is mid-2023, not days before a mid-term that could decide the fate of the country. Republicans need to keep their eye on the ball. Nothing else matters right now but winning back Congress.


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