Don Bolduc Dodges Attacker Pre-Debate and Then Takes Maggie Hassan to the Cleaners

When you’re a boss, you’re a boss. That’s the story out of New Hampshire after Don Bolduc dodged a punch from a would-be attacker before taking the debate stage on Wednesday evening.


While walking into the event, a YouTuber whose name isn’t important attempted to punch the Republican candidate for US Senate. Bolduc, being a retired brigadier general, stepped out of the way of the probable girly man’s swing. That occurred while Joe Biden was giving a speech painting Republicans as “threats to democracy,” so you can do the math on that.

According to reports, the assailant was arrested, at which point Bolduc continued onto the debate stage to take Hassan to the cleaners.


Maggie Hassan is a deeply disliked generic Democrat who votes with Joe Biden 100 percent of the time. It’s no surprise that’s not playing well in New Hampshire, which while a technically blue state, has a renowned independent streak. Bolduc, having been maligned as an “election denier” because that’s the only attack any Democrat can levy on any Republican, has run a disciplined campaign that is paying off.

He’s right to hit Hassan on the issues because the issues show how much of a failure she’s been. She has accomplished nothing in Washington while being a rubber stamp for policies that have crushed working Americans. While she’s flailing about January 6th, Bolduc is hitting the issues people care about. Namely, how are they going to feed their families and afford rent, never mind those who are having to hit pause on their life’s plans because of Hassan and her party’s economic malaise.

The border is a mess, inflation is raging, retirements are down, and interest rates are so high that the average American can’t even buy a house anymore. That’s the Hassan legacy, and Bolduc let it be known at the debate.


Recent polls have not only shown the Republican gaining, but the gold-standard poll in New Hampshire actually has him leading on the eve of the election. That’s a good position to be in given that the Granite State doesn’t do much early voting. Could Bolduc pull the upset and deliver the surprise of the cycle? We’ll find out soon enough, but it certainly looks more likely than it did two weeks ago.

Returning to the punch that didn’t land before the debate, does anyone think the mainstream press will want to have a national conversation about political violence? We all know the answer to that. In fact, CNN actually did a write-up on the debate but did not mention the attempted assault. They don’t care about political violence. They just care about attacking Republicans.


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