DOJ Prepares a Possible October Surprise Just Prior to the Mid-Terms

You knew something like this was coming, mostly because anyone with a brain could have predicted it. The DOJ has announced a major press conference on Monday afternoon to announce “malign influence schemes” by a “nation-state actor.”


The decision to make a big public spectacle was made by Attorney General Merrick Garland, who will be one of the speakers at the presser. And all of this is happening with only two weeks left before the mid-terms.

So what’s the big announcement that demanded a presser from the attorney general himself? I can’t say for sure, but one guess would be that they’ll either be some accusation of election interference by Russia or an accusation that another foreign actor is influencing our election via social media. We can rest assured that whatever is said will be used to cast doubt on the coming red, as the Democratic Party currently sits as a big underdog on the eve of the mid-terms.

Of course, the DOJ is supposed to have a policy that no public announcements be made that could possibly interfere in a coming election (I believe the cut-off is 60 days prior). That’s a rule that only seems to apply to Hunter Biden, though, who has still not been charged despite reports that the DOJ has had enough evidence to nail him for over a year.


So will this be another screaming session about “Russian collusion” mixed with a non-stop news cycle perpetrating such nonsense? That’s certainly possible.

But I digress, I could be misreading this and perhaps Garland is going to make a big show of telling us China paid off a Democrat congressional member or something. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and I’ll update this post accordingly.

Regardless, there is no reason to give the DOJ, which is hopelessly politicized, the benefit of the doubt in any situation. The DOJ and FBI have played the “foreign interference” card in an attempt to push Democrats into power prior to three straight elections now. We’ll see what they do this time.


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