January 6th Committee Tries One Last, Desperate Ploy to 'Get' Donald Trump

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You’d be forgiven for not knowing about it given the latest inflation report that sits among a vast array of far more important things going on, but the January 6th committee is in the midst of holding another hearing on Thursday.


All the broadcast networks are carrying it because they apparently like bad ratings in pursuit of partisan aims, and things have progressed as you’d expect. Rep. Benny Thompson, who chairs the committee, opened the hearing by asking “What did President Trump know? What was his role in a multi-part plan to overturn our election?”

Think about how absurd that is. This farce has been going on since early June, and these clowns are still asking questions they claimed to have already had answers for from the first drop of the gavel. What did Trump know? Well, I was assured that Liz Cheney and crew had evidence of what he knew. Where is it? Why are we still pretending there haven’t already been a multitude of these ridiculous hearings to this point, each more disappointing than the last?

In short, as I’ve said many times, this committee has absolutely nothing to offer, having not even begun to prove its chief assertions of a “seven-step plan” to overthrow the government led by Trump. That reality now has them lashing out with one last, desperate ploy to “get” the former president. According to NBC News, the committee will vote during Thursday’s hearing to subpoena Donald Trump to testify.


There’s no suspense here. The January 6th committee is filled with some of the most dishonest actors on Capitol Hill. Trump will be subpoenaed by the end of the day if this report is accurate, and it appears it is.

Regardless, what exactly do they expect to garner from Trump testifying? Do they think he’s going to come in and admit that he planned a coup? Spoiler: He clearly didn’t. Or is the goal to just get him in front of a television audience so they can play a bunch of clips of January 6th in the hope of getting him to defend it before the mid-terms? It’s most certainly the latter, and that’s what makes the move so incredibly partisan. It’s an abuse of the congressional system meant to take down a political opponent, not offer any relevant answers to the questions they claim to care about.

Then there’s the issue of whether the House can even subpoena Trump. No doubt, he will go to the courts in an attempt to not show up, and that could take months to work through. Do you know what the Democrats running the committee don’t have? They don’t have months. The moment the GOP officially takes control of the House in January (yeah, I’m not even entertaining the possibility that Democrats hold it), they will scuttle the January 6th committee with prejudice. That day is going to be incredibly entertaining given the gnashing of teeth it will no doubt cause.


In short, today’s vote is more shallow bluster from a bunch of desperate hacks who know they overplayed their hand. They promised the moon and they’ve delivered a pebble. The entire thing is a joke.


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