Democrat Delusion Sets in, as They Proclaim 'Biden Rising' After Recent Polls

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On Thursday, news dropped that inflation had actually risen over the last month, clocking in at 8.2 percent, with core CPI rising to 6.6 percent, the fastest pace since 1982. For normal Americans, that was the headline of the day. After all, inflation has crushed their bank accounts for over a year now.


Meanwhile, over on Earth-Two, Democrats decided it was a good day to do two inexplicable things. One, obsess over January 6th some more (the walls are closing in!), and two, proclaim that Joe Biden is “rising” just prior to the all-important mid-term elections. And while I covered the former in an earlier piece, the latter deserves a good lambasting as well. So buckle up, and let’s get to it.

To set the stage, here’s Biden’s chief of staff, Ronald Klain, bragging about a poll that shows the president at 45 percent approval followed by Democrat hack Simon Rosenberg attempting to perform the same song and dance.

When you add up the cumulative effect of inflation since Biden took office, Americans have lost about 15 percent of their buying power. That’s a huge portion of each paycheck now going to cover the same things they used to buy at far lesser prices. In the midst of that, though, Klain and Rosenberg want you to know that some random poll shows a clear minority of voters like Joe Biden. What a message, right? “Yeah, our guy sucks, but he doesn’t suck quite as much as he did a few months ago!”


It’s astonishing to see a president’s chief of staff actually publicize a poll showing his boss at just 45 approval. I know Democrats are into redefining everything these days to fit their constantly morphing sensibilities, but 45 percent approval is historically awful.

For example, Donald Trump sat at 43.4 percent approval on this day prior to the 2018 mid-terms. Guess what the RCP average has Biden at today? You guessed it, 43.4 percent. Trump actually had his approval rise above 45 percent before election day that year. Did Rosenberg and Klain proclaim “Trump Rising” based on that result at the time? Of course, they didn’t because that’s asinine. Any president that is underwater on approval, much less underwater by 10 points as Biden is today, is going to get shellacked in his first mid-term.

Here’s a reality check for Democrats. The fundamentals of this election have not changed. What has changed is that far-left Democrats that were mad Biden didn’t go full-blown communist in his first two years are coming home. They were never going to vote Republican and the circling of the wagons was inevitable. That doesn’t mean there’s anything organic or real about Biden’s slight uptick in approval. Quite the opposite.


It’s not going to be “different” this time. Democrats aren’t going to escape the trends of history to shock the world by keeping the House of Representatives because Biden’s approval rating is only garbage instead of complete garbage. In short, we’ve reached the dumbest part of the election cycle, where partisans convince themselves that they are special. I’ve got news for Klain, Rosenberg, and the rest. You aren’t special, and November is not going to be kind.


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