Fetterman Goes on MSNBC and Confusion About 'Balls' Follows

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John Fetterman appeared on MSNBC with Chris Hayes Friday evening, and what followed was one of the odder moments in the history of cable news, both because of what was said and when it was said.


The Democrat, who is running for US Senate against Republican Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, has been a train-wreck on the campaign trail following his extended leave of absence due to having a massive stroke. As RedState has covered, his public appearances have spanned the gambit, from being uncomfortable to watch to being outright incoherent.

That trend continued as Hayes introduced Fetterman on his show before attempting to ask the mother of all softball questions.

Well, alrighty then. Obviously, Fetterman is attempting to address his recent attack on Oz where he claims that DC “could use a kick in the balls,” but things just go haywire from there. That’s a common theme for the Democrat, and Hayes doesn’t attempt to offer a correction or ask for clarification. The interview doesn’t get any more interesting from there, with Fetterman being unable to articulate even basic policy goals.


There’s a reason Fetterman has only appeared with leftwing activists on MNSBC since his stroke, and it’s not to receive hard-hitting questions.

Back to Fetterman’s health, he has consistently claimed that his problems resulting from his stroke are only “auditory,” which would suggest he just has trouble hearing (thus the demand for closed captions at the debate). Clearly, though, he has mental processing issues that cause him to forget things, mix up words, and generally make no sense. If he’d just admit that, perhaps people could have a real conversation about his qualifications for office.

Instead, we get these weird, confusing performances where Fetterman tries to repeat his rehearsed talking points while rarely being able to do so coherently. You can bet that Hayes sent over the questions prior to their “interview,” and even still, the Democrat candidate can’t get it right.


And whether the left likes it or not, Fetterman’s health has become a problem for him. Oz is surging in the polls for a reason, and it’s not just because the Republican has found a wedge point with his tough-on-crime messaging. Clearly, voters are concerned that the guy who has steadfastly refused to debate (with only one tentatively scheduled just before the election) and sounds like a vegetable while making vegetable “jokes” isn’t up for the job.

Lastly, as I just alluded to, Fetterman’s campaign is just a clown show. It’s based entirely on saying “New Jersey” over and over. He has no actual policy platform he ever speaks about aside from how much he loves unions. I guess we’ll see how that works out for him, but the latest signs are not good.


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