Joe Biden Delivers a Twofer of Absurdity at Rosh Hashanah Event


Cranking out several hundred words about Joe Biden’s mental lapses is becoming harder and harder these days, if for no other reason than the sheer volume that the president puts out. It’s constant, with sometimes multiple “moments” in a single day. If he’s not trying to summon dead people, he’s getting lost during FEMA briefings or making up new words entirely.


Friday provided no exception to the rule, and the rule is that if Biden is speaking in public, he’s going to say ridiculous things. That happened at a White House reception to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, where the president handed out a twofer of absurdity.

We’ll start with this gem of human history. Did you know that Hispanics were apparently indigenous to what is now the United States?

This is one of those things that the fact-checking industry will lecture conservative sites for making fun of because you can twist things enough to make it sort of true, but it’s really not. The term Hispanic means Spanish-speaking, with the vast majority of Hispanics being descended from Europeans. About eight percent of Latin America is indigenous, and the people in those groups are differentiated as such from the general Hispanic population.

Further, if the suggestion is then going to be that because many Hispanics have indigenous ancestors somewhere in their lineage, it should be noted a lot of Americans have diverse indigenous lineages as well. In short, no matter how you slice it, suggesting that Hispanics were “here before we were” in relation to the current residents of the United States is silly selective pandering that doesn’t actually mean anything. Even if one were to grant the premise, so what? I just don’t understand the constant need by the left to speak down to modern Americans in such a way.


Moving past that, Biden doubled up on facepalms with this ridiculous, clearly false claim about attending shul more than actual Jews do.

It must be really awkward for the crowds that show up to listen to Biden speak. He does this thing where he tells a “joke” that is objectively not funny before smiling goofily, and everyone in attendance is then expected to act like he deserves a Netflix special. What exactly is the “joke,” though? Is he suggesting Jews are faking their religion? That they don’t value it? How would a Republican making such a comment be treated by the press? That’s rhetorical, of course.

Besides, does anyone actually believe that Biden attended shul more than observant Jews do? And isn’t the mere suggestion of that highly insulting? Judaism, for those that actually practice it, is not an accessory. It’s a deep religious observance.


I’d suggest that Biden sticks to being a faux Catholic. I’d also suggest that he leave the history lessons to people who aren’t easily confused walking off a stage. Hispanics are wise to the left’s game anyway. They don’t care about this pathetic fluffing. They care about the economy, inflation, and crime.


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