WATCH: Viral Video of Martha's Vineyard Resident Is a Mask-off Moment for the Left

Some days, one story dominates the news, and it’s been that kind of day. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ move to ship illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard has sent the left into an absolute meltdown, and it continues apace. As I type this, the takes are still coming in hot, accusing DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (who bused illegal aliens to Kamala Harris’ house) of everything from inhumane activity to human trafficking.


The absurdity of it all hasn’t been lost on conservatives, especially those in Texas and Arizona, where the border crisis has been a clear and present reality for many years. Individual towns are being overrun with tens of thousands of illegal aliens every month, and the problem is only being exacerbated further by the Biden administration.

So, when Martha’s Vineyard takes on a grand total of 50 illegal aliens, it should be hardly noteworthy nor should it cause outrage. Yet, Democrats are nothing if they are hypocrites, and a viral video from a resident of the island manages to illustrate that perfectly.

So much about that video is so incredible that it’s hard to know where to begin. Perhaps with the idea that Martha’s Vineyard, which is an island full of mansions and otherwise large homes, doesn’t have the “housing” available for this relatively tiny number of illegal aliens?

The suggestion is so ludicrous as to pass for parody. Barack Obama has something like ten bedrooms in his 30-acre estate. At the very least, he could pitch a few tents to help out, right? But he and the rest of the enlightened “progressives” on Martha’s Vineyard never had any intention of practicing what they preach. Until now, the border crisis has remained a far-off, theoretical exercise for them, and it’s been exceptionally easy to tout compassion when they aren’t having to actually give it.


Moving to the idea that Martha’s Vineyard lacks the services and resources to take care of these illegal immigrants, what does this woman think the border towns, that have been crushed, have? Hundreds of thousands of people are crossing the border illegally a month. The idea that 50 people is just too much for Martha’s Vineyard, but that red states should just suck it up, is laughable.

You’d think this would be a moment for these liberals to recognize how wrong they’ve been. Instead, they whine and moan without even the slightest hint of irony. This entire ridiculous episode has been the biggest mask-off moment of the year. The left is telling us who they are, and we should listen.


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