Mexicans Are 'Fed up' With Americans Moving to Their Cities

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

The American Southern border has been overrun with illegal immigration for decades now at various levels. The problems have only escalated under the Biden administration, with millions of people crossing every year, most ending up in the interior of the country. That’s the environment that this story I’m about to share with you exists in.


As a writer of RedState, I’m a partaker of the internet, often at levels that I wouldn’t prefer, but this may be the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.

No, that is not a parody. That is an actual news network running a completely serious story about how Mexicans are upset that white Americans (race is singled out in the video) are moving to their cities legally. For context, there are an estimated 5.4 million illegal immigrants of Mexican origin in the United States. In Mexico City, we are talking about a few thousand (at most) Americans moving there due to the lower cost of living.

Truly, and I mean truly, irony knows no bounds.

So what’s the complaint? It mainly centers on the fact that Americans moving in are helping to drive up rent prices for locals. Yet, I can do nothing but laugh at that given how much mass illegal immigration has cost the average American. We are talking billions of dollars in taxpayer expenditures over the years. And I’m supposed to feel bad for a few spoiled Mexicans in the richest city in their country having to see white people at a restaurant?

What makes this even better is that it’s all wrapped up in modern woke ideology. The report claims that white people moving to Mexico City is “modern colonialism.” To recap, it’s fine for millions upon millions of Mexicans to enter the US illegally, putting a strain on the nation’s resources, but it’s “colonialism” for some old, white people to pay for their own apartments in Mexico City.


And this isn’t even the first we’ve heard of this complaint. My colleague, Mike Miller, wrote a story on a similar report back in July. Apparently, this is totally a thing because nothing has to make sense anymore.

Regardless, this isn’t an anti-Mexican take. I think Mexicans are pretty great, and you can’t beat their food. But the irony here is just too funny to not share, and in the end, I really blame these news outlets for running with these stories instead of pointing out the absurdity. I mean, come on.


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