Apoplectic Rage Follows Special Master Decision in Trump Raid Case

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On Monday, the judge handling the case of the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid made an official decision to appoint a special master to review the documents seized. That came after she dropped a preliminary notice that she intended to do so at the end of August.


The DOJ’s subsequent arguments apparently weren’t very convincing, and now they will be forced to cease their investigation as the process plays out. The judge found numerous instances of privileged material making it through the government’s filter team, and revelations that medical records and tax returns were taken only provided more reason to move ahead with a special master.

Besides, as the judge essentially said in her decision, what can the move hurt? The special master will have a security clearance, and they won’t be leaking to the press what they’ve found. How is too much transparency a bad thing?

No matter, because the decision favored Trump, that meant that the left was thrown into fits of apopletic rage. Here are a few of the highlights.


Isn’t it great to know that criticizing judges is allowed again? I’m old enough to remember when it was a threat to “democracy” to suggest a judge ruling a certain way demonstrated bias and was grounds for dismissal. Yet, the calls for impeachment have already begun. Apparently, this judge, according to the “experts” on the left, has usurped the sacred executive power of the DOJ to do whatever the heck it wants to its political opponents.

Ornstein, who is an “emeritus scholar” and editor at The Atlantic (lol), also accused the judge of “obstruction of justice.” Yes, the judge in charge of the document dispute is now obstructing justice in her own court by having a special master examine the documents to ensure proper privilege was observed. It’s so stupid, it hurts.

Then there was Andrew Wiessmann, who headed up the Robert Mueller investigation, gnashing his teeth while providing no logical reason why having a special master is a bad thing.


Weissmann is the perfect example of the level of corruption and bias that existed at the DOJ under Donald Trump and continues to exist today by those still at the department. They truly believe they are above the law, to the point where they’ll attack a judge for making what is ultimately a fairly mundane ruling. Besides, is Weissmann even right? Did the search warrant allow the seizure of tax documents and medical records? That seems questionable.

The protestations of the left say one thing: Due process goes out the window when dealing with the bad orange man. He’s not allowed to file a motion and have it granted. In fact, that must mean the judge is in his pocket and has to be removed from office.

That’s how insane the far-left has become. For all their talk of defending “democracy,” there is no part of it they aren’t willing to burn down if it results in one of their political wants. That should give Americans observing this spectacle immense pause. Are these the kinds of people you want in charge? People with no boundaries and who will use the force of the government to crush you if you so much as disagree with them?



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