What in the World Is Kamala Harris Doing?

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Naturally, the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s home has taken top billing since it was revealed. The move was unprecedented and represented a weaponization of federal law enforcement against the current administration’s primary political enemy.


Perhaps because of just how bad things look, the Biden administration has sought to keep a “business as usual” facade up. The passage of a Democrat-led bill that dumps hundreds of billions of dollars into “climate change” subsidies and provides funding for 87,000 new IRS agents led their messaging.

Then there was Kamala Harris, whose last couple of public appearances would have any critical thinker asking exactly what she’s doing. Really, what is this supposed to be?

Remember, this is a woman who is now on her third speech writer (that we know of) since she assumed the duties of being vice president. Yet, her speeches sound just as repetitive and incoherent as they always have. What’s that tell you except that the problem is the person at the top? Does she think it makes her sound smart to speak as if her audience is full of five-year-olds? And really, who told her that saying the same words over and over in an unintelligible stream of consciousness is how you communicate with people?


Then there’s the woke aspect to everything Harris says. All her speeches sound like they were written by a freshman gender studies student. Out-of-place mentions of “identity” and “equity” interspersed with preachy language about the unfairness of society make their way into commentaries about things like space exploration because she doesn’t know how to turn it off. She’s so indoctrinated in far-left insanity that it has become a core part of who she is.

Everyone has the same capacity? That’s one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard a politician say. Clearly, people have varying capacities to succeed at varying things, no matter how much “opportunity” they are given. Not everyone can be an NFL player or a world-class musician. Others might not have the ability to do deep mathematical calculations or have steady enough hands to be a surgeon.

Harris’ ignorant comments expose the gross nature of liberal politics. People are reduced to faceless cogs, with the assumption being that there’s nothing that makes any individual person unique or remarkable. That’s not at all how things work, though, which should be apparent to anyone who takes one step outside of the halls of leftwing academia.


There’s a reason Democrats are desperately searching for an alternative to Harris in 2024, working off the assumption that Joe Biden isn’t physically capable of running again. How embarrassing is it that the current vice president is so terrible at her job that she can’t even be counted on to run for the office she’s supposedly in line for?

And while Biden has the excuse of being senile, Harris’ inability to adapt and her repetition of mistakes points to one thing: She’s just not very smart.


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