FBI Dir. Christopher Wray Finally Responds to Raid of Trump Residence

FBI Dir. Christopher Wray has finally responded to his bureau’s raid of Donald Trump’s Florida residence, and he wants you to know who the real victims are.


Apparently, despite all the questions surrounding the action, including the fact that it supposedly occurred due to a mundane dispute over the Presidential Records Act, the real bad guys here are those criticizing the FBI. What a completely shocking and unexpected response from the consummate company man.

Here’s a song for Wray.

I’m trying to think of something I care less about than the FBI citing unnamed “death threats” as a way to deflect from their own maleficence, and I’m coming up blank. This is what corrupt government officials always do. They lash out in ways that draw blowback, and then they try to disqualify that blowback by saying “I’m getting death threats.”

Well, welcome to the world of being a public figure. Heck, I’m an anonymous political writer, and I’ve gotten death threats. In the seven years that the FBI has been ruthlessly, purposely targeting Donald Trump, not a single agent has been harmed as a result. The story here is not any threat to the bureau or its employees, it is the bureau’s own actions, and no amount of pointing at squirrels by Wray is going to change that.

The FBI had a chance to treat political actors from both sides of the aisle equally. Instead, they treated Hillary Clinton with kid gloves, haven’t even targeted Hunter Biden at all, and sent armed agents after Donald Trump for a mere records dispute. That was Wray’s choice (no way did he not give the approval for the Trump raid), and now he can face the consequences regarding public opinion and eventually in Washington if elected Republicans have any kind of a backbone.


Wray and his cohorts aren’t immune from the principle of sowing and reaping. They wanted to go scorched earth and weaponize their bureau for political reasons, and that leads somewhere. They don’t get to slam on the brakes the moment things get uncomfortable. The FBI used to be respected by most Americans, despite its checkered history. Those days are over and for good reason.

To summarize, the story here is not that Wray is “concerned” over some anonymous threats on the far reaches of the internet. There are 330 million people in this country so that’s not relevant, especially when we are talking about an agency with unlimited resources to protect itself. The story remains that the FBI is a corrupt dumpster fire that has two sets of rules depending on a target’s political persuasion. Wray had a chance to change that dynamic but he has only fed into it. That’s on him.


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