'Conservatives' Rush to Show How Gullible They Are After Trump Raid

On Monday evening, the most brazen weaponization of the FBI ever took place after agents ransacked Donald Trump’s home in Florida, and that’s saying something given the rampant history of corruption and political targeting the bureau has dabbled in over the decades.


While Trump himself was not there, the raid ostensibly surrounded possible violations of the Presidential Records Act, a dubious justification given such issues are typically handled in a civil manner. What probable cause did the FBI have that a crime had been committed? What was on the warrant used to execute the search and seizure? Those are the questions that gullible “conservatives” believe hold the key to whether the FBI acted improperly or not.

You see, we just need to wait for more information.

Here’s the thing. You won’t “learn more,” and you aren’t going to be “seeing the warrant.” It is astonishing to me that anyone could observe the behavior of the FBI over the last half decade and come to the conclusion that they are going to be totally transparent in this case. Dir. Christopher Wray was just on Capitol Hill using the “ongoing investigation, can’t comment” excuse about the FBI’s Gretchen Whitmer entrapment scheme. But he and the DOJ are going to hand over the warrant and supporting materials used to justify the Trump raid?


It’s an active choice to be that gullible. It took years to get the FBI to release the fraudulent Carter Page FISA warrant, and it only happened because Republicans controlled Congress and the White House at the time. To this day, Wray still won’t even say that the Russian collusion hoax was wrong. The idea that FBI leadership, within a few days of raiding Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, are going to release the warrant to the public is laughable. It’s so naive that the obtuseness has to be purposeful.

As I noted above, the biggest flaw in the assertion that we just need to wait for more information is that the FBI would be the ones providing it. “Let’s wait for this corrupt organization to say they aren’t corrupt” is not at all a compelling argument. From Wray to the rank and file, the bureau deserves absolutely no benefit of the doubt about anything, much less anything to do with Donald Trump.


There is no excuse for what happened. The FBI could have easily waited for the court battle over the documents to play out, and the National Archives isn’t supposed to just be able to order raids. Further, we know from past experience that the FBI would never treat a Democrat politician this way. Hillary Clinton had 33,000 emails, many classified, on her personal server in a bathroom. There was no raid of her home. Instead, they called her and asked her to turn the server over. Why was Trump not given that same courtesy? We all know why, and any “conservative” pretending otherwise is useless.


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