Ron DeSantis Hits the Campaign Trail to Help Trump-Backed Candidates

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It’s not quite September yet, but with many of the primaries now over, mid-term election season is on the cusp of heating up. In Ohio, J.D. Vance is the favorite to take the GOP-held senate seat there. Meanwhile, things are dicier in places like Arizona and Pennsylvania, with Blake Masters and Mehmet Oz locked in tough battles to replace Democrat incumbents.


Help is on the way, though. Gov. Ron DeSantis is setting out on the campaign trail to flex his political muscles, looking to hold multiple rallies over the next few weeks.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is hitting the campaign trail this month to headline Turning Point Action’s “Unite and Win” rallies in support of Trump-endorsed candidates.

DeSantis will travel to New Mexico, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Ohio this month in support of GOP candidates, including Ohio Republican candidate for Senate JD Vance, Pennsylvania’s GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, Arizona Republican candidate for Senate Blake Masters and GOP nominee for governor Kari Lake.

Turning Point Action is hosting, and organizing the rallies with DeSantis in an effort to “unite” the Republican Party.

Is this a shot across Donald Trump’s bow given all these candidates were big-time endorsements for the former president? Some are spinning it that way, but color me skeptical. I think DeSantis knows he has a unique draw and simply wants to help push some of these Republicans over the finish line. A Democrat-dominated nation is not something that benefits anyone.

Still, there is a natural contrast with Trump, and I think the move is welcome because the Florida governor will bring a different level of credibility to these candidates than Trump does. When the best current executive in the country, who has broad appeal, shows up to rally Republicans, that can only be a good thing.


And given the slow off-the-block starts some of these candidates have had, they need all the help they can get. I’ve written several times on why I think the generic ballot and senate polling are underestimating Republican support, something that has happened extensively in past cycles. But you still want to shoot every round in the chamber going into election day. There’s no point in leaving anything on the table, and DeSantis represents a powerful political weapon to gather support from Republicans who might otherwise not be the biggest Trump fans.

Again, that’s not taking anything away from Trump himself, but political opinions vary, and unifying the party is the key to a major victory in November. Whatever DeSantis can do to shore up the edges could mean the difference between winning and losing.


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