Jill Biden Admits Republicans Were Right While Addressing Major Teachers Union

AP Photo/John Minchillo

You have to love it when a political partisan just comes right out and admits what their opposition has long said is true. That happened on Friday while Jill Biden, Ed.D, super doctor extraordinaire, addressed the American Federation of Teachers, which is headed by none other than Randi Weingarten.


Yes, that would be the same Randi Weingarten that helped ensure schools stayed closed all over the country for over a year due to “risks” from COVID–even though data continually showed they were safe. Everyone else went back to work while teachers sat around at home, sucking up taxpayer money and demanding payoffs to return to the classroom. In some cases, even after the payoffs were made, such as in Chicago, the teachers unions still refused to cooperate and do their jobs.

If one common theme emerged from that terrible time, it was the abject selfishness of the teachers unions and their White House backers, putting children second every step of the way. While giving her speech to the AFT, Jill Biden admitted Republicans were right all along on that front.

Here’s what she says in the clip, with the emphasis added by me.

Jill Biden: And it what makes you such a powerful leader here at AFT (addressing Randi Weingarten)…so thank you for your friendship…thank you for caring…thank you for putting this organization first, every single day.


Not to be too dramatic, but it’s just sick and twisted to watch these privileged union hacks, including Jill Biden, lavish praise on one another while ignoring the objectively awful outcomes they helped bring about for children across the nation. Learning loss during COVID was real and catastrophic, as my colleague Bob Hoge wrote in May, noting that even left-wing outlets like The Atlantic and The New York Times finally admitted to that reality recently.

As Jill Biden admitted Friday (perhaps inadvertently), though, it was never about the kids. Instead, it was about putting the American Federation of Teachers first. It was about getting a bunch of spoiled, lazy teachers and their union bosses a year of paid vacation–while they held millions of children hostage with no care for what that would lead to. These people shouldn’t be lauded, they should be condemned for their gross attempts at extortion.

Weingarten is childless, makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and could not care less about the pain and suffering she’s caused. This is all a game to her, and no matter what she says, she put herself and the adults that pay dues to her organization over the lives of children. Jill Biden is just telling us what we already knew.


Fortunately, the Democrat monopoly on the education sector is waning. What I mean by that is that they can no longer get away with pretending to care about kids while priortizing the enrichment and empowerment of abusive teachers unions. Parents have figured out the game, and it’s put Democrats on the defensive for the first time since education became unionized. The White House was given a choice when Joe Biden took office. They could choose the kids or they choose the teachers unions. They chose the unions, and now, they will pay the political price for that.


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