WATCH: Dutch Farmers Become Ungovernable After 'Climate Change' Agreement

Dutch farmers protest after the Netherland agrees to massive nitrogen and carbon cuts, threatening farms. (Credit: @TheRealKeean)

You won’t see it on any of the alphabet networks, but a protest movement is exploding in the Netherlands after the government moved to shut down farms in order to “fight” climate change. The contentious move, pushed by the World Economic Forum, was enacted as part of an EU agreement that seeks to limit the release of nitrogen.


This is what becoming ungovernable looks like.

Massive protests are occurring in the Netherlands as Dutch farmers are protesting against the government’s rules that would limit carbon and nitrogen emissions out of their farms, says Sky News host James Morrow.

Farmers protested around the Netherlands over the government’s new policy which would see the country slash nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions by 50 per cent by 2030.

“Massive massive protests, they’re blocking highways, they’re blocking traffic – I’ve seen them even spraying manure on government offices,” Mr Morrow said.


Of all the aspects of the green agenda, none is more damaging and suicidal than putting in arbitrary provisions that limit the production of food across the globe. I’m not in support of targeting anything to “lower emissions” because I believe it’s spitting into the wind to make wealthy elites feel better about their lifestyles. Yet, even if I did support that agenda, the last place that should be targeted is the food sector. While European leaders are virtue signaling about the temperature possibly rising a few degrees over the next hundred years, they should be concerned about feeding their populations before their countries descend into apocalyptic chaos.

But this is the way these European nations operate, specifically those that are in the EU. They are run by privileged, spoiled brats who don’t bother to weigh the costs of their policies because they assume the United States will jump in to save them if things ever get too bad. That’s obviously true regarding NATO considering how little the European members spend compared to the US, but it’s also true regarding energy and food.

For example, EU nations have massive oil and natural gas reserves but refuse to drill and frack in order to get to it. Why? Because the US will simply ship them more LNG, right? Now they are destroying their own food production capabilities, again believing that the US will provide them with what they need if shortages occur. But what they aren’t taking into account is that the US has its own problems and is no longer in a position to constantly pick up the slack for European leaders who refuse to govern with some semblance of common sense.


Here’s the bottom line: European nations looking to commit national suicide on the altar of climate change are playing with fire. Even the normally passive residents of the Netherlands will only take so much before pushing back. The farmers clearly aren’t violent extremists, and if the government attempts to treat them as such, things will only devolve further. The WEF, EU, and the rest of the global elite need to understand they only hold power as long as the people decide to let them hold power.



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