Joe Biden Goes Under the Bus as Lefties Lash Out at His Lack of 'Fight'

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I regret to inform you on this fine Saturday that Joe Biden has been thrown under the bus, at least according to The Nation, a far-left rag that helps set the tone of the Democrat base. And while this isn’t the first hint that Biden isn’t the choice in 2024, this may be the first public call from a major outlet to follow through on tossing him overboard.


Jeet Heer wrote the hot take, and here’s some of what he had to say.

To be sure, some of these proposals are risky in the sense that they would receive blowback from Republicans, including GOP-appointed judges. And following these actions would require even more radicalism in the future: If Biden leased out land to abortion clinics on federal land, he’d have to be prepared to give blanket preemptive pardons to doctors and patients in case they are charged in the future.

Yet, despite the risks, these radical proposals also bring considerable benefit: They would establish that reproductive rights are crucial, worth fighting for, and have the full support of the Democratic Party. They would make Biden into a fighting president, the leader of a just and necessary cause.

But it is precisely because they involve fighting that Biden shies away from them. He’s a conciliator, not a combatant. His whole political persona is of the great bipartisan, the man who can bring people from rival camps together. He launched his political campaign in 2019 on the premise that Donald Trump had dangerously destabilized the United States through polarization and racism. Biden saw himself as the man who could heal those wounds. His goal as president is to lower the temperature, avoid partisan spats, and restore the USA to a pre-Trumpian peace of elite comity.

Now, to be clear, Heer is a delusional hack if he believes that Biden has ever sought to take down the temperature in the country. The president has done the exact opposite, causing widespread division while pursuing policies that do abject harm to normal Americans.


His entire rationale for his campaign was to scream about Charlottesville over and over, outright lying and suggesting that his opposition supported what happened. After taking office, he moved to govern as the most far-left president in history, helping to crush America’s expanding energy market. Even his rhetoric has devolved into simply calling half the country “Ultra MAGA” while claiming they want to arrest women for crossing state lines. Biden has crossed lines Barack Obama never dreamed of crossing.

In other words, the idea that the current president is some kind of moderate peacemaker is farcical. Yet, I don’t doubt that Heer and the rest of the Democrat base see him that way. Why? Because when you are that radical, even the radicals don’t appear to be radicals.

Joe Biden is no Abraham Lincoln or Franklin Roosevelt. He’s a placeholder president, someone whose main historical task was to defeat Trump. That worthy mission has been accomplished—and now Biden wants to pretend that Trump never happened. But the same reactionary politics that created Trump are still around, all the more dangerous for being institutionalized in the courts and the mainstream of the GOP. Biden is woefully ill-equipped to fight the battles of the present, let alone the struggles of the future.

Let me translate that for you: Biden is unwilling to outright overthrow the institutions of the United States in order to secure short-term political wins.

That’s really what these complaints boil down to. Biden has given the left everything they want within the bounds of the law, and in some cases, outside the bounds of it until he gets slapped down. What he hasn’t done is stump for the destruction, if not total abolishment, of the Supreme Court. For showing that basic restraint, Biden is now being labeled, by his own side, as weak and unwilling to do what it takes.


Will that actually lead to his ouster as the 2024 presidential nominee for the Democrat Party? Probably not, if for no other reason than he’s unlikely to run again due to his clear mental decline. Thus, there will be no need to oust him.

Still, Heer’s editorial offers a lesson in how far the left has fallen from reality. While screaming about “democracy,” they seek to exact complete power over its institutions, no matter what it takes. So despite his radicalism, Biden may be the last of a generation not willing to go quite that far. That should scare everyone moving forward, because those like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who Heer praised in his piece, have no such boundaries.


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