Ultra-Serious G7 Leaders and Vladimir Putin Clash Over Bare-Chested Pictures

If you are wondering why Joe Biden has been largely quiet the last week, it’s because he’s in Europe at another iteration of the G7. Seven of the globe’s most mediocre, ineffective leaders have come together to once again accomplish nothing and make your life worse with economy-crushing climate change proposals.


Just how unserious are these people, including the President of the United States? The big story out of the G7 isn’t its members helping to increase energy supplies or offering a response to global inflation. Rather, it’s a slap fight with Vladimir Putin about shirtless pictures.

Yes, this really happened.

As they sat down for talks in the German Alps, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson quipped that G7 leaders could take their clothes off to “show that we’re tougher than Putin” and “show them our pecs.”

His Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau joked that they could try to match Putin’s infamous 2009 naked torso pictures with a “bare-chested horseback riding display.”

Speaking to reporters in Turkmenistan Thursday, the Russian president clapped back at the G7 participants, suggesting that they could not emulate him because, unlike him, they lead unhealthy lifestyles.

“I don’t know how they wanted to get undressed, above or below the waist,” he said. ”“But I think it would be a disgusting sight in any case.”


To be clear, both sides come across as unserious and stupid here. Regarding the G7 leaders, there’s a real war going on in Ukraine with real lives being lost, largely because of their failures to rein in Putin long before he pulled the trigger on an invasion. From Biden to the European heads of state, they destroyed their own abilities to produce energy on the altar of climate change hysteria, handing Russia a massive amount of leverage over the world. They also refused to enact sanctions and increase energy production preemptively in order to gain some leverage over Putin.

Those moronic decisions have led us to a point where the ruble is doing better against the dollar and Russia is selling more oil, for more money than ever. Yeah, I get wanting to take a shot at Putin, but you aren’t really beating him, so maybe focus on things that matter instead of his old shirtless pictures. Just a thought?

That’s not a defense of Putin, who comes across as thin-skinned in his response. Obviously, he’s the bad guy for invading a sovereign nation, and no, concerns about internal Ukrainian corruption are not an excuse. But have Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau really shown themselves capable of combating him?


In the end, there should be a recognition of the reality that our global elites are mostly idiots who couldn’t run a lemonade stand successfully. They would rather joke about shirtless pictures than do something that might make life better for the people they ostensibly lead. I don’t want to hear about a bare-chested Putin or faux-tough guy talk. I want solutions to inflation. I want more energy production. I want a foreign policy that actually makes sense. The G7 has long been a joke, and this episode only exposes that more.


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