Hillary Clinton Slams Clarence Thomas With Racist Tropes

Hillary Clinton appeared on CBS News on Tuesday morning to share her thoughts on the recent overruling of Roe v. Wade, a decision that has rocked the nation and set the left on fire. You know, because a geriatric, twice-failed presidential candidate is an authority on such matters, and we really need to hear from her.


But while her talking points were mostly boilerplate, pro-abortion garbage, there was one moment that raised eyebrows. While attacking Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Clinton dropped a series of racist tropes. Gayle King, of course, dutifully nodded along.

One of the most long-standing, common racial tropes is that of the “angry black man.” It’s been used to justify all kinds of racism towards all kinds of innocent people for centuries, and Hillary Clinton just drops it like it’s nothing. It’s truly incredible to witness the double standards at play. What do you think would happen if a major Republican politician accused Barack Obama of being an angry, grievance-peddling, black man? Perhaps that actually happened during his presidency (my memory isn’t perfect), but if it did, I can guarantee that it was met with outrage and accusations of racism.


Still, what makes Clinton’s comments even more egregious is how obviously false they are. Thomas grew up during segregation and would have every right to carry resentment, yet he is the happiest, most caring person on the Supreme Court. There is nothing about his personality that exudes anger, and if anything, he’s known for his laugh and ability to bring humor to a situation. You don’t have to believe me about that, though. Justice Sonia Sotomayor gave nearly that exact description of Thomas in a defense of him just a few weeks ago.

Regardless, can we also stop and ask why Clarence Thomas is getting all the vitriol here? Among Democrats, he is by far the most mentioned and degraded over this decision, yet he was only one vote in the 6-3 Dobbs decision. Why is there such a hyper-focus on the one black guy on the court, to the point where mainline Democrats are now using racist tropes against him? And Clinton’s insults are child’s play compared to the numerous examples of leftwingers calling him all sorts of other slurs, including the n-word, on social media.

I think we know the answer. The left sees black Americans as political property, and when someone like Thomas goes against their wishes, they become far more incensed than if it were someone like Justices Neil Gorsuch or Samuel Alito, the latter of who actually authored the Dobbs decision. Clinton could have easily gone after them, but she chose Thomas because she thinks she has a pass to insult him in whatever way she wants. Her inner bigot shines brightly as she does so.


To end, it is worth pointing out how much projection is in Clinton’s comments. She herself is actually an angry, grievance-peddling, privileged elite with an unhealthy obsession with power. When she goes after Thomas the way she did, she’s only tattling on herself.


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