Kamala Harris Completely Mangles Her Response to Landmark Abortion Ruling

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Kamala Harris appeared on CNN in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, and in true Kamala-form, she managed to bungle her response. Instead of seeming smart and persuasive, already tough enough to do given the clearcut nature of abortion, she decided to focus on how tough things will be for…people’s sons?


Of all the arguments for abortion, that is by far the dumbest. That the vice president delivered it is completely on-brand. I’ll expound, but here’s the clip.

So, let me get this straight. We should federalize abortion, making it legal everywhere, because if we don’t, people’s “sons” might not get to have the same level of promiscuous sex while absconding from all responsibility? That’s the line she and her handlers thought would play well in the current environment? At the very least, Harris should be spewing some canned lines about ectopic pregnancies or something. Yet, she decided to go with “well, dudes might end up having to take responsibility for getting a woman pregnant” as her heart-string tugger.

The depravity of that statement is just mind-blowing. A normal, healthy society promotes fatherhood and families. It doesn’t promote killing babies in the womb as a way to give fathers an out from doing their duty. Besides, I was assured that abortion is strictly about the mother and that no one else can interfere with her supposed “choice.” Has that changed, or does Harris not realize how contradictory she sounds?


Moving past that, there was also this, where Harris launched into one of her patented word salads.

What you are seeing is the stupidity of the abortion movement laid bare. For decades, they’ve been able to hide behind a federal “right,” pulled out of thin air. That’s kept airheads like Harris from having to actually defend their barbaric positions. With that cover now gone thanks to the current Supreme Court, Democrats everywhere are left trying to defend the indefensible. Harris just happens to be uniquely bad at everything, and stumping for abortion is no exception.

As another example, Harris was later asked about whether the federal government will provide abortions on federal land. Her answer was muddled, at best.

Watching Dana Bash press that question is just so gross to watch. The media is full of activists, and she’s one of the worst. Why would a journalist be asking the vice president, with a straight face, whether the administration will violate the law to provide abortions? How radical and sick must one be to suggest taking things that far?


For her part, Harris deflected, which I guess is somewhat comforting since it appears there’s no actual plan in place to do something so insane. Yet, she then pushes the idea of the mid-terms being about the issue. As I’ve written recently, that’s not going to happen. Americans care about the price of gas and food, not whether people they don’t even know can get abortions. Yes, a segment of the population likes to virtue signal about the issue, but when push comes to shove, it’s the economy, stupid.

Regardless, Harris continues to show she’s just so bad at this, and no amount of intersectionality is going to change that.


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