Kamala Delivers Cringetastic Moment During Speech to US Mayors

Kamala Delivers Cringetastic Moment During Speech to US Mayors
AP Photo/Alexandru Dobre

Vice President Kamala Harris addressed attendees at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Reno, NV, on Friday. And from a glance at the group’s agenda items, it appears it was the kind of forum a progressive politician like Harris would feel comfortable speaking in front of.

UPI reported:

On Thursday, the U.S. Conference of Mayors reissued a letter from August 2019 calling on Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, R-K.Y., to take swift action and pass two bills to address the toll that gun violence has taken on Americans across the country.

The mayors want to see the Senate pass the Bipartisan Background Check Act and the Enhanced Background Check Act.

She was in her element while regurgitating previous talking points on “gun violence,” as we’ve reported, but added what might be a new term — she said America is suffering through an “epidemic of hate.”

“Our country is facing what might be considered an epidemic of hate where people are being targeted for just who they are, because of their race, because of their ethnicity, their gender, their religion, their sexual orientation,” Harris said.

“We must speak honestly about what is happening and agree that the hate we see is not new. There have always been those who see diversity and inclusion not as the strength we know it to be, but as a weakness.”

She also, almost reflexively, did what the Biden Administration has continued to do — blame the flailing economy on the pandemic and Putin.

“We have seen the global supply chain slow down because of the pandemic. And we have seen the economic impact of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s unprovoked war in Ukraine ripple across the world,” Harris said.

“Both of these factors have resulted in rising costs and the people in your cities and your towns are feeling the pinch.”

They refuse to take any responsibility for their actions. And what’s the prescription? More government spending, as usual. Now, here’s where everything started to fall apart, with Kamala simply mixing in things that don’t go together, like throwing in the kitchen sink because you think it sounds like a good idea.

Harris said the Biden administration is “doing everything within our power” to lower the cost of goods and services for American families, including “bringing down the cost of child care.”

The premier Kamala/Biden translator around these pages, my colleague Nick Arama, might have more insight into what exactly Kamala Harris is going for in the clip below. I admit I’m baffled by the significance.

Cringetastic. She is just so bad at this.

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