Republican Accused of Praising 'White Life' at Trump Rally, and It Only Gets Dumber From There

AP Photo/Chris Seward

Donald Trump held a rally in Illinois Saturday evening in support of Rep. Mary Miller, who is currently in a primary battle with another incumbent House member due to Democrat redistricting in the state. Naturally, the topic of Roe v. Wade (and Casey) being overturned, eliminating the made-up, legally unjustified “right to abortion,” took top billing.


Trump himself praised the decision, lauding those who fought for decades to see the moment arrive when voters would once again have a say on the barbaric practice. But because everything is stupid, leftwingers (and Adam Kinzinger) decided to seize on something else.

Miller, while giving her remarks, stumbled over her notes, leading dishonest hacks everywhere to accuse her of promoting “white life” in response to Dobbs.

To be clear, Kinzinger is an awful person who is deliberately taking Miller out of context by accusing her of once saying “Hitler was right.” In reality, what she said in a past speech was that “Hitler was right on one thing,” speaking of his outreach to children as a way to control the future. She was not, in any way, praising Hilter or the Nazi regime. While it may be reasonable to suggest Miller shouldn’t have made such a comparison, to suggest she’s somehow a secret white supremacist is disgusting and completely devoid of evidence.


Regardless, Miller did not say “white life.” What she was trying to say was “right to life.” She misspoke and said something that sounded akin to “why-in” as she stumbled to say the phrase correctly. And to be clear, those running around claiming she meant “white life” are not stupid. Rather, they are liars who know exactly what actually happened, but are using a simple stumble in a speech as a way to viciously attack and smear another person as a racist.

But Miller is not a racist, and if you want more proof of how ridiculous that charge is, just take a look at her family.

I know some people want to make the claim that white people who adopt black children can still be secretly racist, but let me suggest something else: That’s moronic.

This isn’t complicated. If someone walks the walk enough on being pro-life to have over a dozen kids, including the addition of minority children to her family, too-online hacks have no right to accuse them of racism. Actions matter, and Miller has shown she doesn’t have an ounce of hate in her heart. Those sniping from the sidelines who have never even donated a dime to a crisis pregnancy center, much less fostered a child, can shut all the way up. They are not superior because they can pop off on social media. They are cowards and should be treated as such.


A final addendum: That Adam Kinzinger is in the middle of this should surprise no one. He has not commented on the overturning of Roe v. Wade, but found time to push this gross smear of a woman with multiple black children. But principles, am I right?


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