Liz Cheney Rolls out One Final, Desperate Ploy to Save Her Bacon

Liz Cheney Rolls out One Final, Desperate Ploy to Save Her Bacon
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Liz Cheney has become a centerpiece on the partisan January 6th committee. But while that’s led to lots of backslaps from the press and plenty of chances to cosplay as some kind of savior of the republic, it’s also led to the complete destruction of Cheney’s political career.

The Wyoming congresswoman apparently thought she could attempt to not just destroy Donald Trump, but destroy Republicans at large and not face any consequences. The editorials in The Washington Post, the CNN hits, and the emotional speeches came at a cost. Right now, according to the last poll taken, Cheney is trailing by 30 points to Harriet Hageman, her primary competition.

Yet, she’s not giving up. Cheney has one last, desperate ploy up her sleeve: Begging Democrats to vote for her.

Color me shocked that Cheney, being a stalwart beacon of virtue, would lie about something as basic as this, but it looks like she did. She is now reaching out to Democrats in order to try to save her bacon heading into the mid-terms. Yet, I’m left asking why she’s even bothering to go this route.

Yes, I know she’s dead in the water with most Republicans and that Wyoming is a deep red state, but that’s the point. There are not enough Democrats in Wyoming to offset the deficit she’s currently sitting at. Maybe, if she were only down a few points, it might make a difference, but at a 30-point deficit, Cheney could have every Democrat in Wyoming cast a ballot for her and she’d still get blown out.

According to the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website, there are 193,000 registered Republicans in the state. In contrast, there are 44,000 registered Democrats. You do the math on that, but it’s not good for Cheney. It’s also a pipe dream that she’d even pull every Democrat voter to her side. There are plenty of voters on the left who still think the Cheneys are evil incarnate, going back to the Bush years.

In the end, Cheney is staring at the abyss, and there’s no escaping it. These kinds of late-in-the-game maneuvers aren’t going to make the difference. Instead, they only cement how pathetic her re-election campaign has been. She had a chance to relax, reset, and actually pretend to care about her constituents. Instead, she’s spent the last year-and-a-half trying to raise her national profile by locking arms with Nancy Pelosi.

It’s not really a question of whether she’ll lose at this point. Rather, it’s a question of whether she’s shameless enough to try to run for president after she loses.

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