Trump Closes the Door on Liz Cheney With Rip-Roaring Rally for Her Opponent in Wyoming

AP Photo/Chris Seward

We reported on Friday that Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY) was in deep trouble in Wyoming, with the new Club for Growth survey indicating that she was 30 points behind her Trump-endorsed challenger, Harriet Hageman. I think it’s fair to say that if Hageman beats Cheney in the primary, she’s the new member of Congress from Wyoming, since there’s no real Democratic hope there. Some 70 percent of people registered in Wyoming are Republicans, and more of them voted for President Donald Trump in 2020 than voted for Cheney.


If those poll numbers weren’t enough, Trump intends to close the door on Cheney completely: he held a rally in Casper, Wyoming, in support of Hageman. He had a huge crowd out.

Trump leveled Cheney not only for voting against him, but for selling out America to the left, going all-in with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“Wyoming thought you were electing a conservative warrior, but instead, you got a lapdog for [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi,” Mr. Trump told the crowd Saturday.

“Liz Cheney hates the voters of Wyoming,” he said. “Wyoming deserves a congresswoman who stands up for you and your allies, not one who spends all of her time putting you down after going after your president in the most vicious way possible.” [….]

“There is no RINO in America who has thrown in her lot with the radical left more than Liz Cheney.”

“She has gone crazy.”

He went on to attack Ms. Cheney and her father, Dick Cheney, the former Vice President under President George W. Bush, as “die-hard globalists and warmongers who have been plunging us into new conflicts for decades.”


“The people of Wyoming are going to tell her ‘Liz, you’re FIRED,” Mr. Trump said Saturday.

“All of America is counting on you, Wyoming,” he said.

Trump also had a little fun with Cheney, using a meme that combined her face with that of George W. Bush.

Hageman highlighted one big metric that is causing a lot of suffering for Americans across the country and is likely to resonate with a lot of people in Wyoming — how Biden has gone after the energy industry, driven prices up, and harmed America’s energy independence.

The contrast between the policies of Donald Trump that allowed America to flourish and those of Joe Biden that has driven her to despair are stark.



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