Democrat Senators Unveil a Dangerously Asinine Plan to Subvert the Coming Abortion Ruling

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Though we can’t know for sure, Monday could finally mark the day that the Dobbs decision, which is reportedly going to overturn Roe v. Wade, is released by the Supreme Court. As RedState reported on Saturday, far-left groups are already planning to commit what I’ve been assured is an insurrection, surrounding the Supreme Court in an effort to stop it from functioning.


Were they tipped off? I don’t know, and even if the Dobbs decision takes another week or two, it’s just a matter of time before the Democrat Party descends into absolute insanity. A preview of that happened last night after Democrat senators, including Maggie Hassan and Elizabeth Warren, unveiled a dangerously asinine plan to undermine the coming abortion ruling.

If you read the entire press release, the crazy ranges from using federal funds to fly women out of state for abortions to using the HHS as a national abortion service provider. Yet, there’s one point that stands out as particularly disturbing.

Using federal property and resources to increase access to abortion. The Department of Justice and all relevant agencies could analyze the types of reproductive health services that could be provided on federal property, especially in states where such services are limited by state law or regulation. The Department of Defense could assess the feasibility of moving military personnel and their families and any authority to ensure that members and their families can access reproductive health care when they need it. The Office of Personnel Management could explore requirements that all federal employees are provided paid time off and reimbursement for expenses necessary to access abortion. And all federal agencies—including those who retain custody or control over individuals or provide healthcare to them—could conduct a review of their regulations and policies that limit abortion care and other reproductive health services and promulgate new regulations that expand access to those services.


These absolute lunatics want Joe Biden to sign an executive order authorizing the use of federal buildings to perform abortions, not just in states where abortion is permitted, which is bad enough, but as a way to perform abortions in states that choose to outlaw most or all abortions.

Doing that would be outright dangerous. Do you want mass unrest? Because you get it by having the federal government, by decree of a single man, entering into red states to kill babies with taxpayer dollars. There’s a reason the Hyde Amendment exists, and it’s to diffuse stuff like this. Democrats don’t care, though. They are all in on hacking up kids in the womb, and they are obviously willing to do just about anything to ensure the practice continues.

It is hard for me to even write articles like this because the amount of murderous evil being perpetrated is almost too much to discuss without losing it. It’s impossible to conceive how anyone could be so obsessed with killing unborn babies that they’d actually propose illegally weaponizing the federal government and its agencies to override the will of the people in the states.

Besides, state laws are still laws. The federal government can not simply enter into a state and do whatever it wants contrary to the laws in those states. That includes killing people, unborn or otherwise. An executive order does not grant the power to ignore the Supreme Court and override laws that protect life. Any federal employees that try to follow such an order could be and should be arrested and charged.


Democrats are tearing this country apart. Something has to give because this kind of “anything goes to make sure I get what I want” attitude is destructive and treacherous.



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