Democrats Admit the Real Reason for the Sham January 6th Committee

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While most Americans are concerned with paying $5 a gallon for gasoline and the savings-busting inflation currently plaguing the economy, Democrats have a singular focus: January 6th.


The now 17-month-old event continues to stoke the imaginations of journalists and leftwing partisans everywhere, not because they truly believe the threat to the country was real (a few hundred rioters weren’t overthrowing the government), but because they have nothing else to run on going into November’s mid-terms. January 6th is their Hail Mary. It’s all they’ve got left, and without it, Joe Biden’s disasters domestically and internationally stand alone in the consciousness of the American people.

The New York Times actually penned a piece admitting as much, noting that the committee is hoping to “recast” the mid-term election.

Of course, a normal person would be asking exactly what “role in the attack” the Times is asserting Republicans held. Even if one buys into the nonsense that Donald Trump was somehow coordinating and in control of those who entered the Capitol, that does not constitute “Republicans” in terms of the mid-terms, which is the framing given. It only constitutes Donald Trump.

Still, as has been shown thus far many times over, there is clearly no actual evidence Trump knew what was going to happen nor that he helped plan it in some way. Rather, the committee is spending its time trying to make people think it has connected dots that are still five dots apart. For example, their chief bit of “evidence” appears to be an internal memo floated by Trump surrogates debating what would be legal to do in regards to the certification of the election.


But objecting to the certification of an election is not illegal, nor does it show a conspiracy to violently overthrow the government. How do I know? Because Rep. Jamie Raskin, a member of the January 6th committee, objected to the certification of the 2016 election.

The January 6th committee is full of hypocrites, and nothing about it is seeking to find some important truth. Rather, its existence is purely about politics and delivering Democrats their wildest dreams regarding how elections are conducted. Raskin admitted that on Monday as he stumped to abolish the Electoral College.

That’s the quiet part being said out loud, providing the best evidence yet that the January 6th committee is a partisan sham. Not only is the committee looking to get rid of the Electoral College, but its members are also trying to use its “findings” to bolster the case for the federalization of elections, a Democrat goal that failed to garner even 50 votes in the Senate earlier in Biden’s tenure. They see the institution of universal mail-in balloting, the abolition of voter-ID, and other provisions like same-day registration as delivering a permanent Democrat majority.


That is what this is really all about, and while it may be a cynical effort, I’m also convinced it’s one that won’t work. No matter how much the press tells them they should, the American people just don’t care about January 6th. They’ve got real problems to deal with, and indulging the pampered fantasies of the Washington class isn’t a priority.


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