Internal Slap-Fighting on the January 6th Committee Begins

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The January 6th Committee is set to begin public hearings on Monday, marking the next iteration of the sham body that is seeking to prove a vast right-wing conspiracy to breach the Capitol Building and “overturn” the 2020 election. Their chief target is, of course, former-President Donald Trump.


What evidence does the committee have? There doesn’t appear to be any at all, as every past “bombshell” has turned out to be nothingness. Still, the hype is real as its members proclaim that they’ve got the goods and have just been holding them in reserve. Given how leaky the committee has been, though, it seems improbable that they’d have been able to keep something significant under lock and key.

Case in point? Axios is reporting, via leaks, that there are internal divisions between committee members that threaten to harm its supposed credibility (yeah, I laughed too).


I have good news for Liz Cheney. The committee already has no credibility, so there’s no need to worry about the insane things Jamie Raskin is pushing. Still, I find it hilarious to watch this play out given the realities of the situation. Who exactly did Cheney believe she was joining hands with when she burned her political career to the ground in order to become best buds with Nancy Pelosi?

As I’ve pointed out before, Raskin is a nutjob who actually tried to overturn the 2016 election, not based on any suggestion of fraud, but simply because he didn’t like Trump. And this is who Cheney thought she’d get a fair shake from? It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, much less the Wyoming representative, that Democrats do not see the January 6th committee as some truth-finding mission. Rather, they see it as a vehicle for radical change so they can continue to steal elections far into the future.

They want to change the election system not to make it more secure, but to make it less secure. They want to get rid of voter ID, mandate same-day registration, impose a universal vote-by-mail system, and get rid of the Electoral College so California and New York get to elect the president. None of this is a secret, and Cheney pretending it is a surprising, honest disagreement is pathetic. She knew what she was signing up for, and now she’s responsible for what comes from this committee. No amount of leaking to Axios will absolve her.


Lastly, can anyone explain to me why the January 6th committee is looking into changing election laws in the first place? What does that committee’s stated mission have to do with whether Houston, TX, has drive-thru voting or if Wisconsin has voter-ID? Any imposition on current voting laws, specifically any plan to federalize elections, only further underscores how blatantly partisan the committee is. The goal isn’t to expose some nefarious plot. It’s to make it so Democrats get elected into perpetuity. At least they are being honest about it now.


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