WATCH: Things Get Heated After Unruly Activist Confronts Ted Cruz at Dinner

Heckler confronts Ted Cruz, accusing him of having "blood on his hands" after Uvalde, TX shooting. Credit: Phil Lweis/Twitter

Ted Cruz has become one of the top targets of the left following the mass shooting that occurred at an elementary school in Uvalde, TX.

Cruz originally made waves after he suggested we need to do better in securing our schools. That drew sharp rebukes from those claiming that single-entry setups would be a fire hazard, an assertion mind-numbingly stupid and obtuse given the existence of fire exits. The senator’s suggestion was quickly vindicated after it was later revealed the shooter walked through an unlocked back door and that there was no armed SRO present (initial reports said there was).


Still, the left is nothing if it isn’t irrationally hysterical, and that led to a heated interaction at a Houston-area restaurant on Saturday. An activist named Benjamin Hernandez, who states he was previously an illegal immigrant, began to shout that Cruz had “blood on his hands” before attempting to possibly physically confront the senator. Security was present and held the man back as he thrashed about, attempting to get to Cruz.

I can’t say for sure what this man’s intentions were. If he weren’t being held back, trying to push his way through, but had instead been able to walk straight up to the table, would he have actually hit Cruz? I don’t know, but he certainly seemed to be wanting a physical altercation.

Regardless, this stuff is completely uncalled for and dangerous. We do not need random, deranged partisans getting in the faces of politicians at dinner. I don’t agree with Joe Biden and think his policies are incredibly harmful to people (including millions of unborn babies), yet I would never try to confront him at dinner with his wife. That’s the stuff of imbeciles, and nothing positive can come from taking such action.


Besides, how is the shooting in Uvalde Ted Cruz’s fault? The man in the clip brought up background checks, but the shooter passed a background check. The shooter also ran around outside the school for 12 minutes shooting, before even entering — while the police did nothing, waiting another hour before Border Patrol agents finally made their own call to go in and neutralize the shooter. Cruz didn’t cause that to happen. He didn’t cause the hate in the shooter’s heart. The blood of those children is not on his hands. To suggest such is lunacy, and it’s an escalation of politics that can only lead to very dark places.

After all, if Cruz is responsible for literally killing children, as this lunatic suggests, then anything is on the table, right? That’s the logical conclusion to be drawn from that kind of rhetoric.

This stuff needs to stop. Unfortunately, the left believes there are no lines when it comes to how they react to political disagreements. Eventually, it’s going to lead to another event like the Congressional baseball practice shooting.




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