The Final Nail in the Coffin for Democrat Redistricting Hopes Is Hammered Home

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The 2022 redistricting cycle has been a roller-coaster, with both sides proclaiming victory at different points over the last year. More recently, Democrats had convinced themselves that they were going to come out not just ahead, but significantly ahead, picking up five to six extra seats by redistricting alone.


Unfortunately for them, the game isn’t over until it’s over, and a series of big decisions have completely nuked what advantage they thought they had. I’ve written extensively on those developments here at RedState, including the major GOP victories in Ohio, Alabama, and Florida.

But there has been one final shoe left to drop, and that’s the redistricting case in New York, where a shocking decision overturned the Democrat gerrymander there back in April. That left Marc Elias and other leftwing redistricting activists seething, with their new argument being that the primary must take place on June 28th as scheduled, with the goal of that gambit being to have the gerrymander enforced for the coming election.

The final nail in the coffin of Democrat redistricting hopes has been hammered home, though. A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that the primary can be moved to August 23rd, a date that is not at all out of line with past New York primary elections.

You love to see it.

Of note is that Elias is not telling the truth here. An August primary leaves plenty of time for military and overseas voters to get their ballots in. It’s been done before, and it’ll be done again. No one is having their voting rights undermined.


Yet, it’s also worth noting that the blame for any issues regarding the primary election falls squarely on the Democrat Party in New York. They chose to push through a gerrymander so obviously illegal that even the state’s liberal Supreme Court couldn’t let it pass. If they were worried about the primaries getting moved back, they could have not broken the law in their attempt to stack the deck against Republicans in the state.

Now, with the primary moved and the state Supreme Court giving the power to draw the maps to a special master, it’s all over but the crying. New York will end up with a map that is far more favorable to the GOP, perhaps to the tune of two to three extra seats.

Where does this leave everything? It leaves everything with Republicans securing total victory in redistricting nationwide. They aren’t just going to break even, an outcome that would have been welcomed a month ago, but will now gain seats. That sets up to deliver even more wins, in what is already going to be a red wave in November. Tired of winning yet?


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