Lori Lightfoot Appears to Push for Violent Insurrection With Dangerous 'Call to Arms'

Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times via AP, Pool

Words matter, right? That’s been the prevailing message of the left for years, but if you thought they’d hold themselves to their own standard, you’d be wrong.


Alright, no one thought that, so Lori Lightfoot appearing to push for a civil war via a “call to arms” and a challenge to “fight” an unelected body like the Supreme Court isn’t at all surprising. It’s the ultimate cliche given the transparent bias in the news industry but imagine for a second that a Republican put these tweets out.

Definitionally, a “call to arms” has a very specific meaning. “Arms” means weapons, and Lightfoot is calling to use them to enact a political outcome. There’s a word for that, too, but no doubt the Chicago mayor will claim she meant her tweets in the most peaceful way possible. That makes no sense, though, given the language used, but that will be the excuse, and that’s if the media even press her to give one.

But let’s talk about the implications here before the above-mentioned excuse is publicly made. How do you “fight” the Supreme Court? It’s not an elected body so voting is out, and there is no scenario where two-thirds of the Senate chooses to remove a sitting Justice. That’s what makes Lightfoot’s comments so egregious. She’s not only using violent rhetoric, but she’s doing so in a situation where the only practical way to carry out her statements is violence.


So while she’ll claim she didn’t mean it the way it sounds, exactly how did she mean it then? How should people “fight” a non-political body full of lifetime appointments? With what arms? I’d love to think she’ll be made to answer those questions, but she won’t be.

Republicans can only look on and shake our heads. We are old enough to remember when Sarah Palin was accused of inciting violence because she put targets on a congressional map denoting vulnerable districts. It took years before that story died down. More recently, Donald Trump has been accused of inciting violence because he used the word “fight” in regard to the 2020 election, even while also saying to peacefully protest.

Lightfoot will not get the same treatment, though. Like Bernie Sanders, who essentially accused Republicans of trying to kill people regarding healthcare spending, she’ll be assigned no responsibility when some crazy person takes her up on her offer.

On Monday evening, radical abortion supporters marched on Samuel Alito’s home. The country is in a dangerous spot, and you’ve got loons like Lightfoot giving a “call to arms” in response. It’s insane, but I don’t think the rhetoric gets any less volatile from here.



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