Biden's New Press Secretary Turns out to Be a Big Fan of Conspiracy Theories

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Remember when denying the legitimacy of any election was not only disqualifying but also got you kicked off Jake Tapper’s low-rated CNN show? I wonder if that rule will hold for Karine Jean-Pierre, who is set to take over as Joe Biden’s press secretary on May 13th. I think we all know the answer to that.


Apparently, Jean-Pierre has a colorful history on social media, and now some of her old tweets are painting a far different picture than the one she’s tried to present since joining the White House. Far from the level-headed, straight shooter that she wants people to believe she is, Jean-Pierre is apparently a conspiratorial lunatic.

I’m literally shaking as I type this because of Jean-Pierre’s unfounded attack on the legitimacy of our elections. After all, I’ve been assured that our system is the “most secure in history” and that fraud could not possibly affect the outcome of any race. To even suggest such is to be cast from polite society. Yet, here we have Biden’s new mouthpiece suggesting that the 2016 election was stolen by a…drone?

I’m not even sure what she’s talking about, but clearly, Jean-Pierre had a first-class seat on the Hillary train and bought into the idea that Russia “hacked” the election in order to get Donald Trump elected. Never mind that all that nonsense turned out to be, well, nonsense. But remember, if you question Joe Biden’s legitimacy, you’re trying to destroy our “democracy.” So much the concern over the “Big Lie,” right?


Given all of that, it’s no shock at all that Jean-Pierre also buys into the idea that Stacey Abrams, who lost her election in Georgia by over 50,000 votes, had victory snatched away from her via nefarious means. To be clear, there is not an ounce of evidence that suggests that. By the numbers, in no way was the vote suppressed in 2018, but once again, we see the double standard where Democrats can assert something, but if a Republican says something similar, wailing and gnashing of teeth commence.

Jen Psaki is out, and that’s certainly a welcome development given how arrogantly dishonest she was. But don’t think for a second that Jean-Pierre isn’t going to be just as bad. Contrary to the glowing profiles, she’s a rabid leftwing partisan who will not do anything to help rid the stink of corruption plaguing the Biden White House. The only difference is that Jean-Pierre will likely be treated with an even lighter touch in briefings because she checks so many intersectional boxes. I should start taking bets now for who the first journalist is to accuse Peter Doocy of racism.



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