WATCH: Donald Trump Slams Piers Morgan, Storms out of Heated Interview

WATCH: Donald Trump Slams Piers Morgan, Storms out of Heated Interview
Donald Trump storms out of an interview with Piers Morgan over 2020 election questions (Screenshot credit: NY Post)

Apparently, Piers Morgan landed an interview with Donald Trump, and things did not go well.

Morgan, who lost his last job after being accused of racism for criticizing Meghan Markle, is making his television comeback with a new show titled “Uncensored” on TalkTV, a network owned by Rupert Murdoch. To kick things off, he secured an interview with Trump, and if the promo is any indication, things really went off the rails.

While there are heavy edits, you will see that Morgan brought up the 2020 election. From there, both men clashed over the topic before the former president got up and walked off the set. I’ve got to say, purely as a piece of television promotion, this is pretty effective.

“I think I’m a very honest man … much more honest than you, actually,” Trump said at one point.

“Really?” Morgan asked.

“Yeah,” Trump responded.

Elsewhere, Morgan told Trump the 2020 vote “was a free and fair election. You lost.”

“Only a fool would think that,” Trump shot back.

“You think I’m a fool?” Morgan retorted.

“I do now, yeah,” Trump responded.

I’ve got a few thoughts on this.

In defense of Trump’s anger, anyone who suggests the 2020 election was, by definition, “free and fair,” is just stirring the pot and knows better. Specifically, Piers Morgan knows better. The rash of emergency voting law changes, some of which were later ruled illegal, across the country completely changed how the vote was submitted and who voted in what numbers. Whether there was widespread fraud or not, it was completely unfair to change the rules at the eleventh hour in a way that clearly benefited Democrats.

Further, looking past the arguments on voting, it is an undeniable fact that social media companies and the mainstream media colluded to push a regime of censorship to quash stories that could be harmful to the then-Biden campaign. The most obvious example of that is the Hunter Biden story, where news outlets outright refused to cover it, while sites like Facebook and Twitter banned accounts for sharing it.

Again, to suggest the 2020 election was “free and fair” is farcical. A variety of forces came together to do everything they could to rig the game against Donald Trump. One doesn’t even have to believe a single illegal vote was cast to recognize and acknowledge that.

Still, I’m trying to figure out why Trump was doing an interview with Piers Morgan in the first place. I understand the thought that any media is good media, but that’s obviously not true for a politician as oversaturated as Donald Trump. He does not need to give his time to liberal hacks like Morgan, and doing so does nothing to gain him further support for a possible run in 2024. I’ve levied this same critique against other Republicans who go on networks like CNN and MSNBC. Stop giving the liberal media what they don’t deserve. Make them sit on the sidelines.

Continuing to get baited into discussions about the 2020 election is also ill-advised at this point. While a variety of voting reform bills have been passed in red states, there’s nothing that can change what happened a year-and-a-half ago. I wish that weren’t so, but that’s the reality. Right now, people are focused on the destruction being wrought by the Democrat Party. They want to see that their concerns are taken seriously. Every Trump interview turning into a rehash of the 2020 election isn’t good for anyone. I would hope that the former president realizes that and stops giving them fodder.

The left wants the 2020 election to remain the chief topic of discussion because they see it as the only pressure point they have to work with. There’s no reason to keep playing their game. Nothing would enrage the mainstream media more than if Trump responded to those questions by saying “I’m not here to talk about that, I’m here to talk about the future and how we are going to save this country.” Putting the focus on Biden and the Democrats will pay dividends going forward.

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