Joe Biden Exposes His Own Mask Hypocrisy After Bumbling Through Various Lies About Inflation

Joe Biden appeared in New Hampshire on Tuesday, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars so he could give a short speech in which he repeated numerous falsehoods and generally insulted the intelligence of every American watching (which, to be fair, wasn’t many).


On the bright side, the president’s typical goofiness didn’t devolve into his usual bout of senility, so whatever cocktail they gave him must have worked. Still, I believe the content of his speech is actually more important than dunking on the fact that Biden isn’t all there.

For example, onlookers were treated to the repetition of two highly misleading statements that completely abscond from the pain Americans are feeling in their wallets as inflation continues to explode.

To be sure, Vladimir Putin, whatever one may think of the Russian dictator, is not responsible for the current inflationary boom the United States is suffering under. In March of 2022, inflation hit an astronomical 8.5 percent. Do you know what it was in January of 2022, long before anything Putin did had any effect on world markets? It was at 7.5 percent, nearly four times the normal rate. If you look at the trend line, inflation has been steadily rising since the moment Joe Biden was inaugurated. To keep asserting that what the nation is currently suffering with is “Putin’s Price Hike” is a grotesque lie, made worse by the fact that the president keeps repeating it.


If only we had an industry of “fact-checkers” to correct such falsehoods, but I digress, the talking point on used cars is equally stupid. Yes, used cars have made up a good chunk of the country’s inflationary woes, but on what planet is it viable to discount that as if it doesn’t matter? Does Joe Biden think that working-class Americans don’t need used cars? It is disingenuous to start “not counting” certain aspects of the inflation rate in order to present a false narrative that things aren’t as bad as they are. The White House has continually tried to do that with gas prices as well, but again, people need gas. It all counts.

Moving on, Biden then exposed his own hypocrisy regarding masks by going into the crowd and kissing an old lady. Keep in mind, this is just a day after Jen Psaki, speaking for the president, lambasted a judicial ruling that ended the federal mask mandate on planes and trains.

So if you are keeping score, your two-year-old needs to wear a mask while aboard a giant HEPA filter that produces essentially zero spread of COVID-19. Yet, a nearly 80-year-old geriatric like Biden can walk into a crowd of equally vulnerable people and start smooching old ladies, and it’s just fine. But to make matters even more ridiculous, just hours earlier, Biden was wearing a mask…outside.


Do the president and his handlers really not see how contradictory their messaging is? Do they not see how foolish it looks when they try to gaslight people on inflation and mask-wearing? Apparently, they don’t because there’s no shift on the horizon even as Biden’s approval numbers compete with a colonoscopy.

The fundamental problem for the White House is that it is operating as if America is a monarchy, ruled by kings and queens that can do what they want as they force their will down on the mere normals. What do you think the average person thinks when they see Biden making out with old ladies while demanding you wear a mask to go to the gym? What do you think the average person thinks when the administration tells them that paying 20 percent more for groceries isn’t so bad because of used cars and Vladimir Putin? I’ll tell you what they think: They think their intelligence is being insulted. And in the end, that will be the undoing of the Democrat Party for at least the next decade. The damage goes that deep.


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