New Details of Russian War Crimes in Ukraine Are Stomach-Turning

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As RedState reported, the uncovering of war crimes in Bucha has become another challenging detail of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. People were found shot in the back of the head, hands bound behind their backs shortly after Vladimir Putin’s forces vacated the region.


Now, new details of mass graves holding the victims of rape, torture, and execution are turning stomachs and serving as a reminder of what the Russian military has always been.

This, per The New York Post:

The body of a 23-year-old Ukrainian woman has been discovered among hundreds of corpses in a mass grave in Bucha after she was raped, tortured and shot in the head, according to her grieving loved ones.

Karina Yershova, who lost her nails in the apparent fight for her life, was discovered dumped in a garden in the besieged Kyiv suburb, the Telegraph reported Wednesday.

“She was shot at point-blank range. Almost half of her head was missing,” Andrii, the tragic woman’s stepfather, told the news outlet

Pictures of the mass grave in question appeared shortly after the story of the executions came out nearly two weeks ago. I don’t feel there’s any need to post them again in this article, but suffice it to say, they aren’t just speculation based on anonymous sourcing.

This raises the stakes in regard to Russia’s atrocities. I was originally hesitant to use the term genocide, something former President Donald Trump did on Wednesday, but I think it’s fair to describe this as such. Systematically eliminating people under the guise of “denazification” in Ukraine and then dumping them in mass graves is genocide, even if on a local scale. We’ll have to see if these kinds of acts are further uncovered once Russia is forced to retreat from other parts of the country.


And while some have taken a contrarian view, asserting this was actually Ukraine setting up a false-flag operation, there’s no evidence of that. It is farcical to think that not a single person in Bucha would step forward and say “This wasn’t the Russians” and that every eyewitness is part of some grand conspiracy. There are also satellite photos showing the bodies and graves were there while Russia occupied the city.

Besides, why would anyone doubt the Russians would do this? This is who the Russians are. They did this in World War II. They did this throughout their escapades during the Cold War, and they did this more recently in Syria, though it was largely ignored (and I’m anti-interventionist when it comes to Syria because I think it just prolongs the killing and suffering, but that also applies to Russian meddling there). The Russian disposition continues to be what it was 75 years ago: a complete lack of care for human rights and a ruthless execution of warfare.

I understand that the Democrat Party, once big fans of the Soviets and then the Russians after the fall of the Iron Curtain, has flipped the script and now uses Russia as a way to attack the right. But there’s no reason to even grant them their premise. I’m not going to defend Putin just because Biden doesn’t like them. Republicans were calling out the Russians back when it wasn’t cool (i.e. in 2012) to do so. It is the Democrats who are late to the party because they were too busy doing “Russian resets” and other absurdities.



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