Establishment Republicans Decide They Want to Lose in Georgia

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Every recent poll has shown Georgia’s Herschel Walker, who is running to replace current Sen. Raphael Warnock, with a somewhat comfortable lead heading into November’s mid-term election. As RedState reported on Wednesday (see The Woes Pile Up for Raphael Warnock), Walker leads Warnock by four points in the latest survey.


You’d think that means the GOP is ready to put the pedal to the floor to secure a major Senate pickup that could help decide the majority. Of course, you’d be wrong because this is the Republican establishment we are talking about. That means they are desperately looking for ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

But also, the consensus is Walker’s team is not really prepared for what the Democrats and media are going to do to Walker. They may think they are, but from those I have talked to, they don’t really think that is the case. They are privately resigned to losing Georgia even as they, again, know Walker can pull it off just by flowing with the coming wave.

Essentially, what I’m being told is from the Senate GOP perspective Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire, even with unsettled fields, are going to be easier lifts than Georgia. If they have a limited amount of money, that money is going to go to easier lifts and they are not confident, once the attacks come, Walker can withstand them…

…To placate the Walker fans, yes, everyone concedes in a brutal year for Democrats, which this one so far is, Walker can cross the finish line first. But why invest a ton of resources on him when Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire just might be easier pick ups that cost less money?


I’m not sure Walker has fans as much as he has Republicans looking to garner a much-needed pickup. But to answer the question posed above, the reason you don’t shift money out of Georgia is that, and stick with me here, Walker is consistently running ahead of Warnock and is one of the best pickup chances of the cycle. Compare that with New Hampshire and Arizona, where the polls are consistently closer.

I know the establishment types are rushing to find an excuse to leave Walker hanging, but doing so would be absolutely asinine. That’s not to say that Republicans can’t also take Arizona, New Hampshire, and Nevada (I believe they will). It is to say that money should be invested in all those places. After all, there’s no indication that there’s a lack of money this cycle behind GOP candidates.

Will Democrats throw the kitchen sink at Walker over some of his past transgressions (or alleged transgressions, I suppose)? Absolutely, but that’s politics. There is no justifiable reason to preemptively surrender a very winnable race just because the left will play dirty. To those Republicans already hinting at doing so, shut up and do your job. Walker is not Roy Moore. He didn’t date 17-year-olds as a 30-something-year-old man. He will have to address the domestic issues he’s had, but given the current political environment, there’s no reason he can’t rise above them.


To be clear, there is no scenario where Walker isn’t the nominee. It feels like the establishment is trying to make a last-ditch effort to nudge him out of the way, but it’s not going to work and it’s self-destructive. He is the horse Republicans have to run with at this point. You put money into Georgia because Walker can win and because the other races there are also important. Enough of the loveable loser schtick.



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