Hunter Biden Whistleblower Flees to Switzerland, Claims to Have Mountain of Data Coming

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The Hunter Biden scandal has exploded back onto the national scene over the last few weeks, with even leftwing media outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post finally reporting on the details. Much of that sudden interest is being driven by an expanding FBI investigation into the president’s son, and as I said in a prior article, there’s every reason to believe something big is coming.


Why? Because mainstream media outlets rarely publish stories harmful to Democrats unless they are trying to get out in front to control the narrative. We saw that occur with John Durham’s most recent indictments, where the DOJ selectively leaked to the Times in order to whitewash the situation. In short, we almost certainly haven’t seen the worst yet.

Now, a whistleblower previously made known for giving the hard drive from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop to The Daily Mail back in 2020 is speaking out — and if he’s telling the truth, the Bidens should be losing sleep over it.

The source who distributed Hunter Biden‘s laptop to congressmen and media has fled the US to Switzerland, saying he fears retaliation from the Biden administration.

Jack Maxey gave a copy of the hard drive from Hunter’s abandoned laptop in the spring of 2021.

He also gave copies and material from it to the Washington Post, New York Times, and Senator Chuck Grassley in his role as ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee – but he claims they all sat on it for months.

For the past two weeks, Maxey has been in hiding in Zurich, working with IT experts to dig out more data from the ‘laptop from hell’.

Maxey, a former co-host of ex-Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon’s podcast the War Room, claims he and his colleagues have found ‘450 gigabytes of deleted material’ including 80,000 images and videos and more than 120,000 archived emails.

He said he intends to post them all online in a searchable database in the coming weeks.


Per this report, Jack Maxey has fled to Switzerland to finish a forensic recovery of deleted data that was on Hunter Biden’s laptop. And while the images and videos may be the most eye-catching thing that comes from this, it’s the deleted emails that could prove a boon toward providing more evidence of the Biden family’s corruption. Are there more mentions of “the big guy” getting his cut of shady payoffs from foreign entities? That’s a reference from a prior email that was directly linked to Joe Biden by one of Hunter Biden’s associates.

Maxey is also making claims that the Biden administration has targeted him in an attempt to shut him up, including black SUVs showing up outside his home after he first began distributing the laptop’s hard drive to congressional members and media outlets (almost all of which ignored it, including Republicans in the Senate). That is the reason, per his telling, that he’s now finishing his work in Switzerland.

As to the timeframe of when we will get all this new information, Maxey has set up an online portal where he says he’ll be publishing everything he’s found over the next several weeks. Until then, it’s a waiting game.

Still, a hefty dose of skepticism is always warranted on matters like this. Obviously, the Hunter Biden laptop is real, and the corruption of the Biden family is apparent. Yet, one can never underestimate the ability of government bureaucracies to cover for Democrats. There’s a ton of smoke and visible fire here, but until I see that the DOJ is actually bringing criminal charges, I won’t hold my breath for any real accountability.


Politically, though, this story is starting to take its toll. For the first time, the White House is having to field real questions on Hunter Biden’s possibly criminal escapades. And clearly, they have no good answers.


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