Man Who Exposed Hunter Biden's Laptop Shares Disgusting Details

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

While Hunter Biden has naturally taken center stage regarding the laptop he left at a computer repair shop in Wilmington, DE, few have asked exactly what happened to the man who exposed it all.


John Paul Issac, who owns the shop where the laptop was abandoned, has finally spoken out, giving an interview on Fox News on Friday evening. In it, he revealed disturbing details about how he and his business were treated, what he thought about the laptop, and how the authorities handled the situation.

Sadly, Issac was targeted as a Russian disinformation agent after the Biden campaign and others, including 50 “former intelligence officials,” rushed to label the laptop as such.

“Once the story was out and my name was leaked to the public, it had been a matter of at first running and hiding. Now it’s trying to just rebuild my life and then do it in a manner that’s not restricted by public opinion of me being involved in some Russian disinformation campaign,” he said.

Things apparently got so bad that his business was physically targeted, with people throwing rotten food at his building. According to Isaac, he had to have a police presence because he felt his life was in danger. Those two factors led to a sharp decrease in his customer base.

Mac Isaac previously told the New York Post that Wilmington authorities kept watch outside the shop for his own safety at one point.

“[T]hey didn’t understand the police presence or why there were feces and rotten vegetables thrown at the shop. So eventually it got out and people stopped coming in for service,” he said.


I find this incredibly disgusting to hear. Isaac did nothing wrong. He didn’t ask for a coke-addled Hunter Biden to walk through his door and abandon a laptop loaded with possibly incriminating information on it. Yet, because that sequence of events represented a problem for national Democrats, including Joe Biden, Isaac was mercilessly smeared by powerful elites, including the U.S. intelligence establishment, without an ounce of evidence that Russia was involved at all.

That’s not supposed to happen. Normal Americans aren’t supposed to be destroyed in order to protect degenerate sons who make millions of dollars trading on daddy’s name. Don’t forget that Joe Biden directly called the laptop “Russian disinformation,” despite having to have known that much of what was on it was true, specifically dealing with his son’s business dealings. After all, the now-president had a key to the office Hunter Biden had set up for himself, his father, his mother, and a Chinese-government connected partner.

As to what Isaac did with the computer, he didn’t originally go to any partisan figure with it. Rather, he noticed the national security implications of what was on it and called the FBI. It was only after it became clear that the government was going to squat on the information in order to protect Joe Biden that he moved to expose the contents of the laptop. And as an American with free speech rights and legal ownership of what was on the laptop (computer repair shops typically have a policy where non-payment cedes ownership after a given amount of time, typically 3-6 months), there was nothing wrong with him making that stuff public.


Hopefully, Isaac can rebound from this. How he was treated by the public, the mainstream media, the Democrat establishment, and the authorities is inexcusable.



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