White House Cleanup Crew Works Overtime as the Lack of Mean Tweets Becomes Palpable

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

It’s been a banner week for the White House communications team. Jen Psaki and those she directs have had to clean up multiple Joe Biden blunders, including a few that had the capacity to start another world war.


As RedState reported, in one instance, the president proclaimed that Vladimir Putin must not be allowed to remain in power. That was tantamount to a call for open war, and the White House was left scrambling to explain away his remarks as being rhetorical and not literal. Just a day early, Biden seemed to reveal the entry of US troops in Ukraine, and that too was quickly walked back.

All on it all, it’s been quite the roller coaster.

Regarding Jake Sullivan’s cleanup on the use of chemical weapons, Biden decided it was a good idea to announce to Putin that any US response would be based on “how bad” the attack was. Then, in an attempt to deflect from another “minor incursion” moment (in the first one, he suggested Russia could get away with a minor entry into Ukraine), the president said the US would respond “in-kind.” Of course, that would denote the use of chemical weapons by NATO forces in retaliation. Obviously, that’s insane and not something the administration wanted hanging out there.


Still, I can’t help but notice the lack of mean tweets in the midst of all this. Sure, Biden almost got the country into shooting war multiple times this week alone, Iran is shooting missiles at US consulates, and North Korea is testing ballistic missiles again, but by God, the president is really nice on Twitter. I’m just overjoyed that vast swaths of the American electorate and almost all of the news industry decided that faux decorum was the most important issue of our time.

And sure, that’s not exactly a new complaint to make, but Biden just keeps providing more and more evidence of how absolutely asinine the 2020 election was, even putting aside election security concerns. The entire cycle boiled down to the gnashing of teeth over Trump’s personality without even a second thought to how the nation’s economy and foreign policy might be affected by the alternative. With inflation at 7.9 percent and Russia invading Europe, I think we’ve seen the consequences of that.

Perhaps most ironically, though, Biden’s presidency has not actually ushered in the age of normalcy and friendly campfire circles we were all promised. Instead, the current administration is more divisive, mean-spirited, and opaque than any that has come before it. That it isn’t manifested via social media is hardly any consolation, whether we are talking about Americans, Ukrainians, or just about anyone else.


Meanwhile, those on the left and their allies in the news media just stick their fingers in their ears.

You see, it’s your fault that Biden can barely complete a sentence and that he continually makes major mistakes on the world stage that could lead to disastrous outcomes. If only we would all just stop letting the president down. Besides, he’s got ice cream to eat and more four-day weekends in Delaware to enjoy.


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