Justin Trudeau Gets Eviscerated After He Accuses a Jewish MP of Supporting Nazis

AP Photo/Domenico Stinellis

While it appears the Freedom Convoy is winding down somewhat, with most of the remaining protesters in Ottawa, things got heated today while the topic was discussed in the Canadian Parliament. Numerous Conservative MPs stood up to challenge PM Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical power grab by way of the Emergencies Act.


As RedState has reported, the move gave Trudeau and the Canadian government the power (at least according to them) to freeze bank accounts and imprison protesters without due process under provisions meant for terrorists. It was also announced that tow truck drivers could be “compelled” to act on behalf of the government.

Obviously, there are some officials in Canada who aren’t too keen on Trudeau impersonating Fidel Castro, who I’m assured is not actually his real father. One of those was MP Melissa Lantsman, who stood up to speak against the move only to have Trudeau accuse her of being a Nazi sympathizer.

Lantsman is Jewish, by the way.

Forgive my frankness, but what an absolute piece of garbage this man is. What kind of person accuses a Jewish woman, whose family members were victims of the Holocaust, of essentially being a Nazi just because she supports the right to protest? Yes, out of the tens of thousands of protesters, there have been a tiny number of bad actors (and that was only in the very early going before the Freedom Convoy protesters started removing them), but since when does that define an entire movement, especially when those bad actors were quickly expelled?


I sure don’t remember Trudeau condemning the BLM protests in Canada even though some of them turned violent. There were also anarchists and communists involved, and they weren’t removed but were encouraged. The hypocrisy is the point, though. Trudeau doesn’t actually think the Freedom Convoy represents a unique danger to the country. He just doesn’t like its politics and he believes that gives him the right to become authoritarian to quash it.

Remember, this is the same guy who once praised China’s dictatorship as being a superior form of governance, and on that note, MP Candice Bergen absolutely lit Trudeau up in response to his smear.

Bergen notes Trudeau’s admiration of dictatorships to the cheers of the chamber, reminding him that he’s in Canada, not China. She also accuses him of pouring gasoline on the embers of the protest in order to save his political career. As an aside, can I just say I love these parliamentary systems where people boo and scold each other as they talk? It’s just so much fun to watch.


Regardless, the dirty little secret about Trudeau is that he’s not well-liked in Canada. His approval ratings are in the toilet, and even members of his own party have expressed a desire to see him replaced. His handling of COVID-19 garners big negatives and his unpopularity stretches well back to 2018 or so. This petty little dork of a tyrant is way out of his league, subsisting solely on his family legacy and a razor-thin margin.

Now that he’s good and fully shown Canadians who he is, hopefully, there will be some consequences, not just in the next election, but within parliament as well.



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