Glenn Youngkin Masterfully Trolls Woke Establishment With Diversity Hire

Glenn Youngkin hasn’t been the Governor of Virginia for a week and he’s already causing waves. On his first day in office, he nuked the state’s school mask mandate and banned Critical Race Theory from being taught.


But if Democrats thought he would just rattle his saber and then settle into being a typical Republican, they were mistaken. Youngkin is also taking on one of the left’s sacred cows — the woke establishment — and doing so in a way that is incredibly satisfying.

The governor has renamed the state’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer the Diversity, Opportunity, and Inclusion Officer. Further, he appointed a conservative to the spot and also listed one of the job requirements as being an “ambassador for unborn children.”

Democrats are not used to being fought on their own ground. By and large, the left has come to expect that while they may be opposed, the guardrails they’ve set up will be respected. That’s why a change like this makes them so upset, and to be sure, the wailing in response has been deafening. You aren’t supposed to actually retake territory when you fight the left. You are, instead, supposed to kowtow to their institutions and work around the edges. That’s what they’ve come to expect from Republicans like Larry Hogan.

Youngkin continues to impress, though. Instead of playing by the left’s rules, he’s decapitating their sacred cows. The inclusion of unborn babies in the mission of the state’s Diversity, Opportunity, and Inclusion office is master trolling, but it’s also an incredible moral imperative.


Besides, the idea of “equity” is an illiberal, communist tenant anyway. Who wants to live in a society where everyone is forced into the same outcome? A free society affords people some opportunity to succeed, but it also allows them to fail. No one has ever done anything great as a government-created widget. The left has weaponized the idea of equity, using it to discriminate under the guise of “fairness.” Such an ideology should be launched into orbit and nuked.

It’s still early, but Youngkin is continuing to show himself as a man of integrity. He didn’t just pander to get into office. Clearly, he has every intention of following through and governing just as he presented himself. That drives the left in Virginia insane, but elections have consequences, and they are about to learn exactly what those are.


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