New York Mandates Blatant Racism in Treating COVID-19

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New York, under the leadership of its newly appointed governor, Kathy Hochul, has managed to somehow become even more absurd in regards to COVID-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Empire State has led the nation in pointless, draconian measures like lockdowns, mask mandates, and now, vaccine mandates.


All the while, the blue bastion is seeing the largest coronavirus infection spike in the nation. But while you’d think that would lead to some introspection about their failed policies, New York’s leadership has instead decided to take the all-important step of mandating blatant racism in distributing treatments for COVID.

Judging people solely by the color of their skin is apparently good again, you guys. What could possibly go wrong?

We will get to the moral failing of this in a moment, but first, let’s look at it logically. How does this make any sense whatsoever?

Treatments for COVID are finite. In fact, because of Joe Biden’s ineptitude, there is actually a shortage of them. Yet, instead of just doing the smart thing, which would be to give them out to everyone, no matter their race, based only on pre-existing conditions and risk factors, New York has decided that simply being black or Hispanic is a pre-existing condition.


Why you might ask? Because of supposed “longstanding systemic health and social inequalities.” But even if you believe “systemic racism” is responsible for certain demographics being more statistically at risk from COVID (largely due to obesity and diabetes being more prevalent), that doesn’t actually apply at the individual level. For example, a healthy black person is still just a healthy black person. They are no more at risk from the coronavirus than a healthy white person.

Yet, under New York’s guidelines, scarce treatments are to be given to healthy black people, no questions asked while white people must prove they have some underlying condition. That’s simply racist, and it’s also dangerous.

Now, the point here isn’t that healthy white people with no major risk factors should be given monoclonal antibodies. Rather, it’s the opposite. There is no reason to be giving scarce treatments to healthy people of any race. Doing so only diminishes the supply and runs the risk of not having any available when someone who does have serious risk factors emerges.

But New York doesn’t care about actually managing COVID treatments properly. Rather, to the state’s insane leadership, the coronavirus is just another opportunity to mindlessly virtue signal about “social justice.” Imagine a world where some Republican governor prioritized treatments to white people based solely on their skin color? What would the response be? And don’t kid yourself, that’s exactly what New York is doing here.


This isn’t difficult, though the far-left is dead set on making it so. Age, obesity, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, and other pre-existing conditions should be the only factors in judging who is at risk from COVID in regards to rationing treatments. I shouldn’t have to say this, but simply being black or Hispanic is not a pre-existing condition. It’s incredibly gross and immoral to set up a system that pretends it is.


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