Hillary Clinton Proclaims the End Is Nigh

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Hillary Clinton is back begging for donations to her scam foundation. You know, the one that had its donations mysteriously drop off after the 2016 election because the Clintons totally weren’t selling influence or anything.


I mean, who wouldn’t want to give their hard-earned money to such riveting causes as paying for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and buying jet fuel to fly Hillary to her overpaid speeches?

Snark aside, what the Clintons did to Haiti is a moral (and should be criminal) travesty that should never be forgotten. But I digress, I’m not here to bag on Hillary’s penchant for enriching herself on the backs of the world’s most vulnerable, as worthy of a cause as that is.

Rather, I want to talk about the twice-failed presidential candidate’s recent assertion that if Donald Trump runs in 2024, that it will be the end of our “democracy.”

Can someone, anyone explain to me how a person winning an election under our democratic system somehow means the end of our “democracy?” I understand these people hate Donald Trump, but if he is elected in 2024, how would that not be proof the system is functioning as intended?


Besides, if Trump’s goal is to set up some kind of autocratic regime, don’t you think he would have done that before leaving office the first time? That would have been the far easier path, right? Why leave the White House and all its power willingly only to risk never being elected again if the plan is to take over the country and end “democracy?”

And I know the answer from the leftwing peanut gallery will be “well, he tried on January 6th.” But if your evidence for the coming end of the nation’s government is an unplanned, three-hour period of unrest that didn’t involve the use of deadly weapons and led to absolutely nothing, then you aren’t making the point you think you are making. If Trump were trying to enact a coup that day, I’m pretty sure he would have done more than denounce those who entered the Capitol Building that day and offer support for the police.

In other words, Hillary’s rantings are those of a delusional maniac. They make no logical sense at all, but that’s because they aren’t meant to make sense. Instead, “democracy” has become synonymous with “Democrats winning” on the left. They see any defeat of their chosen politicians and ideals as some form of “insurrection.” Now, imagine how dangerous of a notion it is to see one’s political opponents that way. Such framing has served as the excuse for countless atrocities throughout history. After all, if the other side winning literally means the end of “democracy,” then action must be taken, right?


Past that, doesn’t it sort of sound like Hillary is setting up a justification to run again? Clearly, Joe Biden, no matter what he says, is not going to be able to sustain a campaign in 2024. And who really wants Kamala Harris to be the nominee? They’ll never admit it, but many liberals are terrified of the prospect.

Perhaps Hillary sees herself as a savior, ready to ride in and provide stability for a party that is clearly flailing and rudderless? Someone must save “democracy” from the bad orange man, and if not her, who else? Remember, I never said it had to make sense to everyone else. It only has to make sense to Hillary for it to happen, and at 77, she’ll be younger than Biden was when he ran in 2020.

Regardless, Hillary remains the same horrific, inauthentic politician she’s always been. Whether it’s commenting on MSNBC or running in 2024, that is a reality that will never change.



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