Clinton Foundation Money Used for Chelsea's Wedding

Seton Motley | Red State |

No wonder Hillary Clinton deleted her emails about Chelsea’s wedding. According to another email released by WikiLeaks hacked from the email account John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign, Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation resources “for her wedding and life for a decade.”



Like the document that revealed the Clinton family’s sleazy greed and reminded the electorate about the Clinton Foundation’s record of scandals, this email was written by Bill Clinton’s top aide since the 1990s — Doug Band. The man who coined the term Clinton, Inc.

Band, wrote the email after receiving word that Chelsea had told “one of the [President] Bush 43 kids” and others about “an internal investigation of money within the foundation.” Band wrote such chatter was “not smart.” Band also wrote that a top Clinton Foundation donor was responsible for “killing” unfavorable press coverage – all as an internal Foundation audit uncovered numerous conflicts of interest and “quid pro quo benefits.”

According to Fox News, the FBI reportedly is looking into The Clinton Foundation, although the extent and focus of the investigation is unclear.


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