President Trump's Brother Passes Away, Media Immediately Show How Gross They Are

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Billionaire developer Donald Trump, right, waits with his brother Robert for the start of a Casino Control Commission meeting in Atlantic City, N.J., March 29, 1990. Trump was seeking final approval for the Taj Mahal Casino Resort, one of the world’s largest casino complexes. (AP Photo)


President Donald Trump’s brother, Robert Trump, has passed away. He died on the evening of August 15th after news that he had fallen ill began to circulate in the month prior. The cause is currently unknown, nor is there any reason for such information to be released at this point.

Here was the message the President released.

As was to be expected, the media immediately responded to the news by showing us how gross they are.

The ghouls were also quick to take to their own twitter accounts.

Meanwhile, “Wrong Trump” is now trending on Twitter because our society has essentially collapsed at this point.


That anyone could treat someone else this way boggles my mind. There are plenty of politicians I don’t like, but I would never make light of the death of one of their family members. Nor would I ever use such a death to take pot shots at that politician. It’s basic human decency to maintain some separation on topics like this. It’s none of our business how he died.

But for these major news outlets to boil Robert Trump’s life down to suing his niece or being “incompatible” with the family name is just disgusting. Further, to use his death as a way to snipe at the President, even as he himself is grieving, is beyond the pale. Robert Trump lived for 72 years and obviously had far more worth to him than that, and anyone short of a terrorist or hardened criminal deserves better in their passing.

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