Joe Biden Is Preparing New COVID Restrictions — and They Are Absolutely Insane

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As we head into the heart of the holiday season, Joe Biden is getting ready to announce new COVID restrictions in an escalation of the hysteria stemming from the new Omicron variant (never mind the lack of evidence that Omicron is a more dangerous variant). You’ll be less than shocked to learn that those new restrictions make no sense whatsoever and are a complete slap in the face to science and data, which probably means Dr. Anthony Fauci came up with them.


Per Fox News’ Peter Doocy, Biden will speak on Thursday to make what’s coming official.

Here’s what the new restrictions being prepared actually entail, and this is just what we know about so far. As we’ve seen at times in the past, Biden’s announcements have a tendency to be worse than originally reported.

Let’s put aside the argument over being vaccinated vs. unvaccinated and how that should play into restrictions for a moment. I’ve written extensively in the past on the fallacy of that distinction in managing community spread and why mandates of any kind are largely useless. Still, even focusing on these regulations in the context of just those “vaccinated and boosted” individuals, they are pure insanity.

Requiring people to quarantine for seven days even if they test negative is something you’d expect to see out of the Australian government. If someone tests negative, logically, they do not need to stay locked in a room for a week. Further, they would have tested negative prior to the flight as well, which means people would be quarantined after not one, but two negative tests. And for what, exactly?


That’s really the cardinal question here. Is the idea that such measures are going to put even the slightest dent in the community spread of current and future variants? Because if that’s the assumption, it’s a really bad one with no evidentiary backing. If we’ve learned anything over the last year, it’s that stopping the spread of COVID-19 is essentially impossible.

For example, Florida and Michigan have had wildly different COVID mitigation measures in place, yet both states saw big Delta variant spikes based on what is clearly a seasonal pattern. You certainly aren’t going to reduce spread by making the lives of international travelers, including US citizens, absolute hell for no reason. That’s especially true given spread on airliners continues to be largely non-existent due to the filtration systems in place.

Think of what these stupid regulations are going to do to those who are flying in to visit family for Christmas? The White House probably should consider it because this is only going to alienate certain demographics more, especially Latinos, of which a large number travel to and from their family’s home country several times a year, often over the holidays. Democrats are collapsing corners of their tent much faster than they are adding new poles.


The lesson here is that these people are never going to stop so vote accordingly. There will always be a new variant and a new panic. Democrats see too much power to be gained in continuing the cycle when they otherwise can’t win on the merits of their policies. The only way to break that cycle is to vote these people out of office in record numbers. That’s why 2022 looms larger than ever.


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